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Happy Customers Make For a Happy Earth

Sunday, November 13, 2016 Olivia Lemley

Each year more and more people jump on the environmentally-friendly bandwagon, whether it means looking more closely into how the clothing is made, the company’s ethics, their philanthropic values, or how sustainable their practices are. Our generation of millennials make up the majority of environmental activists and we cannot thank them enough—I don’t know about all you, but I want my grandkids to see some polar bears! Companies that look past the maximum profits they could make by manufacturing with unethical practices are today’s heroes. Rather than over-paying for a cheap product from a firm making enough money to bathe in, I tend to veer towards brands with a meaning. My new favorite you ask?
Happy Earth is a company that got their start about a year ago with a purpose to raise awareness about the issues of global conservation. People look past such issues like cauliflower in a veggie tray, but it is a harsh reality. Happy Earth apparel has swooped into the fashion industry for all you activists, explorers or even those of you who just need a damn beanie. In the span of a year, Happy Earth has come out with an assortment of beanies, scarves, t-shirts, long-sleeves, tank tops, keychains, mugs, water bottles, stickers and sweatshirts. 

The best part has yet to come…this brand began promising 10% of its profits to conservation organizations just as all other philanthropic-minded companies were doing. That didn’t seem like quite enough for this team of go-getters, so they happily amped it up to a full HALF of their profits. Oceana, Rainforest Alliance, Earth Justice and Union of Concerned Scientists are the organizations that have been showered in donations from Happy Earth just this month. To think I was overly pleased a few months ago purchasing items that donated 1% or 10% of all profits—Happy Earth started a whole other level! 

Happy Earth was founded to build a community of nature-loving, earth-mindful people supporting conservation solutions through discussion and donations. It may seem like a poor decision for a company to give away so much money, especially at such an infancy stage of development, but this is the reason Happy Earth was founded.”
As soon as I discovered Happy Earth apparel, I immediately felt the need to make some additions to my wardrobe. First things first, their long sleeve tees will be the come up for the fall and winter seasons. Their fun colored tees, tied in with a super soft beanie, makes for some fashionable trail blazing. Happy Earth is the brand you have been looking for to give you some "trail" cred.

On top of everything I’ve been gawking over so far, this brand sources 100% recycled and recyclable packaging material to be ULTRA-sustainable. How can a two-man operation do it all? The CEOs, a couple of students—one with a masters in pharmacoeconomics and one pursuing a degree in biomedical sciences and genetics—were struck with the idea after a longing to make a difference. Learning about business and marketing on the job, they have been through it all with set backs in which they have overcome to make them into the determined company they are today.

Don't forget, as you're rushing to work and racing from errand to errand, checking things off your to-do list, to stop and take a moment to enjoy the world around you. Take a deep, refreshing breath and appreciate nature's beauty...there is more than just our daily city vibes to take in.

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