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Halloween Isn't Over Until I Say It's Over!

Thursday, November 03, 2016 Perry

Without a doubt, Halloween is my favorite holiday!  Every year, I look forward to dressing up, carving as many pumpkins as I can, and getting scared out of my wits!

This year, was full of so many great festivities, but my favorite part was finally getting to check out two of Chicago's biggest haunted houses, 13th Floor and House of Torment.  It seemed like forever since I had been to a great haunted house, so of course I jumped at the opportunity to go!  

While both houses were so different, I would say I screamed equally throughout both!  My favorite part about 13th Floor, was the constant changing of themes while walking through each room, and the rapid fire of ghouls and ghosts jumping out at us.  The House of Torment featured a room with strobing lights, a maze of clowns luring you into corners with no exit, and long, dark hallways - the perfect recipe for a haunted house!

If you love Halloween as much as I do, I bet you are also sad that it's come and gone so quickly.  But, don't pack away those costumes and decorations just yet!  Both 13th Floor and House of Torment are open for two more evenings of haunting.  Even better...they are Black Out nights, which means you get to walk through the whole house in pure darkness.  Talk about frightening!

For hours of operations and pricing check out their websites!


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