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European Coffee and Eats in Evanston

Sunday, November 27, 2016 Perry

Most of my weekends are spent drinking copious amounts of caffeine and typing away on my laptop, while sitting in a coffee shop.  Ah, the stereotypical life of a writer! I would say that all of my cafe hopping has made me a coffee connoisseur of sorts.  Heritage is where I go for the best latte - their caramel goat milk latte is deliciously addicting!  For the perfect iced coffee I head to La Colombe, for a bottle of their Pure Black, and Dark Matter wins the award for not only the best blends, but also the most creative names, like Unicorn Blood.   

I recently had the opportunity to visit Cupitol, a lounge, eatery and cafe in Evanston, to sample their signature coffee beverage, the Freddo.  Made with espresso and a cold milk-based foam, it kind of tastes like if a latte and an iced coffee had a baby - a very tasty love match!  It was the first time I had tried a Freddo, but it is now definitely a new favorite of mine, and well worth the trip up North.  

More than just coffee, Cupitol also serves brunch, lunch and dinner, from 7am to 10pm.  During my first visit to Cupitol, I sampled a selection of their brunch offerings.  It was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful presentation of each dish and the quality of the ingredients.  I truly felt like I had been transported to a cafe in Europe!  

EUROPEAN BREAKFAST / Greek yogurt, homemade almond granola, berries, local 100% raw honey.

COUNTRY BENEDICT / Buttermilk biscuits, sausage gravy, sage, poached eggs.

HOMEMADE BRIOCHE / Seasonal Special: berry marscapone French toast.

SWEET POTATO BOWL / Brown rice, kale, vegan coconut curry, poached egg.

My mouth is watering, just reminiscing about each dish.  The best part - everything is super affordable!   All of their breakfast/brunch dishes are $11 and under, and the servings are quite filling. 

And then just when you thought it couldn't get any better, I am so excited to share that Cuptiol will be opening its second location in Streeterville! Coffee date soon, anyone?  I'd be happy to clear my schedule anytime, for another taste of Cupitol!

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