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Haunting Fragrances & Scent Layering for Fall

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

The crisp fall air just does something to me. It evokes a sense of mystery and an urge to bunker down inside next to a fireplace bundled up in something warm. The fall is by far one of my favorite seasons. The chill isn't  so bad that you can't venture outside, but it definitely requires my favorite type of fashion styling: layering. I also enjoy layering my fragrances in general, but it's most fun in the fall as I transition from lighter aromas to deeper more decadent scents.

Unlike the scents of summer which are often light and citrusy, cooler weather scents are often deep and intense, filled with notes of woods, spices and sweets. Typically, summer scents require frequent application, but autumn perfumes are often stronger and last longer on the body, often co-mingling with your natural scent. The notes that go best with this season are warm and musky, like patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, amber, oakmoss, etc.

When it comes to layering fragrances for fall, think of it as a recipe. Figure out combinations that work well and make sense. You also want to make sure to layer your scents in one area (for example the wrists) and typically 2-3 scents work best. Make sure you test first, as well. Spraying your mixture on a piece of paper is one good way to get a feel for the combinations. Keep it simple at first using basic scents and then build up to more complicated mixtures. Florals are typically a great base to build off of, but keep in mind some scents don't always work well together. For example, woods and spices don't always play well with air, water, or sport type fragrances. Keep your scents in the same family. Find the fragrances that have similar notes and blend those. For fall, it makes sense to blend warm scents that have bases like sandalwood and amber, but make sure that the scents don't over power. I find layering vanilla with fall scents creates a beautiful and inviting aroma. 

The two scents I am really enjoying this season are Autumn by DASEIN and Halloween Shot for Women. Not only are they timely, but I have a feeling I will be wearing them past the fall season and well into the holidays. Halloween is inspired by the game of billiards, the night atmosphere and its mystery.

Halloween Shot is an oriental - floral and gourmand fragrance. It opens with an unusual note of the pineapple daiquiri cocktail which is mixed with mandarin and hazelnuts. It offers a unique sweet touch mixed with rosewater, jasmine, violet and passion fruit at the heart of the fragrance. The base ends with vanilla, patchouli and caramel for a warming effect.  It's hauntingly deep rooted and a great base to start with for blending. The scent lingers and really adds a delicate feminine vibe. It has a beautiful sweet smell that isn't overpowering, but still slightly intoxicating. 

Autumn is actually a unisex fragrance. It features notes of agarwood, amber, incense, cedar, coffee and cinnamon bark. This is a stronger fragrance and a little goes a long way. It offers a full bodied scent that is at once enveloping and welcoming. This is a great brand to purchase if you want to  support small batch makers that offer high quality products. The fragrances are unique and showcase the brands modern perspective. All DASEIN scents are small batch blended in the hills of Glassell Park, Los Angeles.

Remember, as you transition your style for the cooler weather, you can also transition your beauty products/routine. You can check out DASEIN online HERE. You can purchase Halloween online HERE.

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