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Yona New York: Fashion Survey

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 Michelle Landriault

Ok curvy girls of the world, Yona New York, one of my favorite couture plus retailers wants YOUR input. I've always loved giving my input to a brand, and I found it to be quite empowering when a designer really wants to get to know their clients.

As you may know, being a plus size gal in today's market is somewhat difficult. Its definitely a lot better now than it ever has been, but I still struggle with finding something for every occasion. I've found so many great timeless styles from Yona New York, that I couldn't have picked up anywhere. They have some couture pieces that are appropriate for everything from work wear to event dresses. I'm so glad that there is a luxury brand out there with the curvy girls in mind.

So Yona needs your input, take THIS quick survey on what you're favorite looks are, or price points you want to stay under; And enjoy a shopping code after that! Who doesn't love coupon codes am I right ladies? Savings in my pocket!

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