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The Florentine: Making Pizza Great Again

Thursday, September 15, 2016 Perry

It's tasty when fresh out of the oven, and sometimes, even better when it's cold.  Some people like it stuffed, stacked and cheesy, while others like it crispy, savory and simple.  No matter how you like your pizza, it's no secret that we Chicagoans sure do love a piece of that pie!

There are foodies out there who will swear that one pizzeria is the be all end all.  Well, I won't try to convince you that The Florentine serves up the best pizza in Chicago (pick your battles, am I right?), but I will tell you that in my opinion, it is the best, traditional meets innovative pizza I have ever tasted! 

Located on the second floor of the JW Marriott, at 151 W. Adams St., The Florentine is a contemporary Italian restaurant that serves up breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.  While their menu is constantly changing up with the seasons and new ingredients, The Florentine's impressive passion for food is a constant.  

During my latest visit to The Florentine, I got to sample a few new additions to the dinner menu: 


Calamari alla Griglia / watercress, cannellini beans, fresno chilies, cured tomatoes, gaeta olives, lemon vinaigrette

Mozzarella Sticks

It's not my thing to pick favorites, but the Calamari alla Griglia was just so fresh and unique, that it's a winner on my list for sure!

For dessert, I sampled the Semifreddo and the Panna Cotta. Both were flavorful, yet light - perfect for the finale to an amazing meal! 

Semifreddo / frozen coconut mousse, cocoa nibs, toasted coconut, chocolate ganache

Panna Cotta / vanilla custard, blueberry compote, oatmeal crumble, candied citrus
Next time you have a craving for The Windy City's favorite round dish, The Florentine has a variety of pizzas, perfect for any meal of the day.  Top it with an egg, and - voila - breakfast!

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