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The Beauty Beat - Here Comes Fall

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Fall has arrived - well technically, but we are still braving those hot days here in Chicago. The mornings and evenings are leaving us with a chill in the air, but the summer has yet to let go of the city. With that being said, I wanted to share some of my most recent Beauty Beat faves that are great for the transition period between summer and fall.

Fall beauty trends have been spot on from runway shows. Looks run the gamut from the gothic vibes shown on the Marc Jacobs runway last spring for Fall to the peachy keen barefaced looks from BCBG. Experimenting with fun styles or keeping it simple for a barefaced look is what keeps the fall season fresh for all you beauty mavens. Below you will find a round up of items that are perfect to prep your skin and hair for experimentation.

These products also work wonders to transition your skincare routine for fall. You'll want to focus on switching up your moisturizer for a more heavy duty moisturizer. Cooler temperatures and the biting wind we face in Chicago means it’s a good time to switch out those summer serums for a more heavy duty, slightly thicker moisturizer. This is also the perfect time to think about reassessing your skin and personalizing on your spot treatments.

In my case, this summer had me running ragged work wise. The dark circles under my eyes are a tell tale sign that I have been pulling all nighters this summer. So, under eye treatments have been a must and are an area I'm focusing on for fall. I've been utilizing the ToGo Undereye Masks along with Arbonne's magical RE9 Advanced treatment for my skincare routine. The undereye serum from Arbonne is seriously the best I've tried. I've also focused on my lips and hair needs for fall. Check out the products I've been testing below!

First up are the eyes and skin! Like I said, this Summer I did a lot more working than vacationing. So, I've been battling some dark under eye circles. First and foremost, before I add product - I have to work through my routine. Typically, I will wash and tone right out of the shower. Arbonne's RE9 Advanced treatment set has been my go to this summer.  After I cleanse my skin, I will put on gel undereye masks while  I am doing my hair and before I apply any other serums or creams. Eyes By ToGoSpa Collagen Under Eye Masks are easy to use and effective! Each package comes with a set of three collagen infused gel masks. Once applied they offer a cooling effect that helps to calm the skin and improve elasticity. Activated by the body’s temperature, the nutrients stored in each flexible EYES by ToGoSpa gel pads work together to aide stressed, tired and aging eyes and skin. After a 20 minute session, my eyes feel less swollen and I notice improved texture under my eyes. The brand is also cruelty free!

Once I get through the eye treatment. I will remove the masks then apply the rest of my skin prep before applying any makeup. Arbonne RE9 Advanced Treatment is a great anti-aging  set. I hit 30 this past year and although my Latina genes and historically oily skin has left my skin looking pretty decent, I still notice a fine line here and there. While this set doesn't include the fountain of youth, it really does a fantastic job of improving the texture and tone of your skin. Some of my favorite items from the line include: RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser - this cleanser really helps to resurface the face sloughing off dead skin. The RE9 Advanced Regenerating Toner really helps to brighten by offering an antioxidant rich Vitamins A, C, E infused product for regenerating skin tone.
The RE9 Advanced Corrective Eye Crème is by far the best eye creams I have used. It does a fantastic job of reducing puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles under the eye. This combined with eye masks have helped me tremendously! Finally, I really like the fact that they offer two types of moisturizers. The lighter RE9 Advanced Restorative Day Crème Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen and the RE9 Advanced Night Repair Crème that is a bit more heavy duty and works to tone and firm while you are sleeping.

After my routine is complete, I'll follow up with my makeup application. Like I said, I've been battling these dark circles on all fronts. So, after I prep the skin, I have to use some concealer. The Jane Iredale Color Correction Makeup is a great option. You'll have to practice working with it, but once you have a handle on the product, it covers beautifully. It is a professional style palette created for camouflaging all the stages of bruising and it also covers hyperpigmentation. I found that the yellow was great for red spots around my nose, and the peach did a really good job under my eyes.

Each color actually follows the “life cycle” of a bruise, concealing it at every stage:

– Yellow conceals redness. 
– Peach hides blue, purple or grey.
– Lilac covers yellow.  
– Beige conceals hyper pigmentation.

The next focus for fall is lips. My lips have a tendency to chap during the cooler months. To prep - I've been focused on hydration and keeping my lips in tip top shape. Arbonne Intelligence Lip Treatment The targeted formula features Arbonne's proprietary ingredient Phytinol, which helps soften the appearance of fine lines on the lips and contours. I like that it does more than just sit on the skin, but also supports the skin’s natural moisture barrier. After use my lips feel hydrated and moisturized and a bit plumper. This works great as a primer for lipstick or gloss.

I also enjoy keeping a balm in my bag to use throughout the day. ToGoSpa Organic Lip Balms are absolutely addictive! They leave my lips feeling kissably fresh and tingly. Their Organic Love balm is crafted with a scrumptious formula of certified organic virgin coconut oil and ultra-softening African Shea Butter.  Their Organic Splash Balm is scented with a brilliant splash of Brazilian Orange & Italian Grapefruit to invigorate and refresh. The balms are fortified with a skin-conditioning blend of healing evening primrose and grape seed oils to protect your lips from the damaging effects of daily pollution and provide long lasting moisture protection.

Finally, fall is a great time to focus on prepping or changing up your hair! My tresses have seen better days and were in need of some TLC. I've been growing out my hair over the last year. Therefore, dryness and deadends are a problem spot. The Mane Choice Green Tea & Carrot Deep Strengthening & Restorative Mask Treatment worked wonders on my lifeless tresses. The best part about this product is that you can utilize it as a deep treatment with or without heat; leaving it on for up to an hour without heat OR if you are in a rush, apply the mask and leave it on for 15 minutes with your hair covered in a plastic cap under heat. The product was formulated to penetrate the hair shaft and infuse your hair with high-quality vitamins and nutrients to transform your hair into its most optimal and healthiest state. Enriched with biotin, green tea, and carrot oil, this product immediately begins to repair and restore dry and damaged strands.

Colorproof is one of my favorite salon brands. The Jet Set Kit from ColorProof is a great TSA approved haircare travel kit. This is a great option for those of you wanting more volume and a line of haircare that protects your color. ColorProof's SuperPlump line adds weightless body and shine while protecting color and left my hair feeling bouncy and not stripped! 

I have also been changing up my hair a bit more this month. I typically wear  a loose wave, but in a nod towards the gothic straight style trends for fall - I've been channeling my inner Morticia from
time to time with a sleek straight look. I have been using the SIGNATUREPRO - Comb Infused Talking Flat Iron from The Mane Choice. This is definitely a great value! Most flat irons cost hundreds of dollars, but The Mane Choice has created a state of the art product at a fraction of the price. At just $99 - the flat iron combines the technology of comb infused ceramic & tourmaline dual action plates.  The iron was designed to provide longer lasting straightening styles in a fraction of the time. I utilize their suggested one pass technique and it works wonders. The best part is that it heats up in just 30 seconds. This iron leaves my hair shiny and not fried. My only critique was that I initially found it difficult to open it up and didn't see anything mentioned on the instructions! There is actually a black sliding piece where the cord meets the iron that you slid upwards to unlock the device. So, word of caution - don't pull it apart without pushing the slider into position.

Well, that concludes this round up for the Beauty Beat! Check back next month for another set of products and reviews!!


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