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Temple's Beauty Bars

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 Jennifer Oquendo

With all of the tragedies going on in our city and in our neighborhoods, it is very easy to lose hope in our communities and even in humanity. Lately we can't turn on the TV or check social media without encountering a negative report. Teenagers and kids are dying left and right. Families are being torn apart. Communities are on a rampage and people are emotionally hurting. Even through the chaos and pain, I'm in such awe that there are people, young people that want to be a change for themselves and for their surroundings. Not everyone has bad intentions and not everyone we meet is evil. There are amazing, motivated and positive influencers in this world. There are young people that are determined to be different and work hard and be a powerful inspiration. One young lady, Temple Moneyham, is doing just that.

I met Temple and her sister, Terriel, at a women's conference a few months ago. They stood behind a vendor's table called "Temple's Beauty Bars," which was filled with soaps, different shapes, sizes and colors. I soon learned that these girls were selling their handmade soap bars. I discovered that Temple, 12 years old, was the founder and that she enjoyed making and selling these creative soaps. I was blown away at the motivation and determination that such a young girl could have. It shows that even when our world seems to fall apart, there are people out there who strive to be a better person. I also learned that Temple created an organization called, "P.E.E.R.S." (Purposed Empowered Entrepreneurs Reaching Success) which will officially launch next year. It will have monthly sessions that consist of helping and encouraging people that want to start their own business. I had the privilege to interview Temple and learn more about "Temple's Beauty Bars," and "P.E.E.R.S."

Halfstack: When did you decide to start making and selling soaps?

Temple: I started getting inspired when I saw my mom selling wine glasses. My mom is an entrepreneur and seeing her creative side influenced me to do something on my own. I wanted to create and sell something too. My mom and I were looking for something that influences everyone and something that everyone would be able to use. We wanted to come up with something with my name on it since I have a unique name. We soon decided that beauty bars were something that not only women can use but everyone else as well.

Halfstack: Being that you are twelve years old, how do you manage to go to school and work on your business?

Temple: I have a schedule to keep me organized. After school I get my homework done and if I have extra time I manage to do some orders. If I had an order already I just call the customer and ask them how they liked my bars. I ask for feedback. I also take orders and I plan things out for the future. I manage my time by writing out who ordered body soaps and I check and see my inventory to see how many soaps I have. I like to get the customer's insight and suggestions.

Halfstack: Where do you see Temple's Beauty Bars in the future?

Temple: Well, soon I would like to open up a store like a sanctuary for everyone to come and learn how to make soaps and how to open and manage a business. I would like an outlet where people can come in and learn how to become entrepreneurs. I want to reach all types of people: men, women and kids. Currently most of my customers are family and friends. I reach out to other people that my family and friends refer me to. There is a lot of word of mouth. I also give out my business cards to people and I sell my soaps at conferences and events where I can setup a vendor's table. If the customer lives too far, I ship them their purchase. If they live close then I personally like to meet them and hand them their new soaps.

Halfstack: What do you enjoy most about selling soaps?

Temple: I like seeing people buy my soaps. I like seeing them enjoy my soaps; the colors, shapes and scents. After finishing up the final product, I get excited about my new creation.

Temple has spent time researching, reading and watching Youtube videos to help her learn how to make different types of soaps. She was determined to be able to create them! She sells different soaps with plenty of scents, colors and shapes to choose from. She hand makes all of the soaps in her home. Prices vary on shapes, colors and sizes. Temple will also be starting P.E.E.R.S. to help other entrepreneurs launch their businesses. She wants to help with volunteer work, with the homeless and with food pantry. One thing that amazed me was how young yet how mature she was. A verse that she constantly goes by is Matthew 6:33 "But seek first His kingdom and righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well." With God being first in her life, Temple is unwavering in her faith and in her beauty bars business.

 If you would like more information on Temple's Beauty Bars you can contact her team at templesbeautybars@gmail.com or you can find them on Instagram at Temple_Beauty_Bars. If you want to learn more about P.E.E.R.S. you can search them on Facebook for more information.

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