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Trust Me, You NEED These Makeup Brushes: Ducare Makeup Brushes

Monday, August 29, 2016 FashionablyDesired

A girl can never have to many makeup brushes. I'm going to just say that's a thing because I have an addiction to buying and trying out makeup brushes and I know I can't be alone on this one. One thing I always fine myself wanting more of even though I have a ton is makeup brushes. But whenever I find a set of makeup brushes that are amazing and affordable it's something I cannot keep to myself!

If your just starting out in makeup, already a makeup addict, or artist look no further. This set of makeup brushes is amazing and it's an everything in one 11pc set. Sometimes life can be so simple and this makeup brush set is just that. Please make sure to read the entire post, discount code below :)!

What I love is the variety of brushes that you get in this set, it's comes packaged in this cute little travel bag and you have everything from your face brushes, eye shadow, and of course eyebrow and lip brushes. These brushes are very well made and extremely soft! I have used them daily for the past two weeks and I have also washed them so see how they would hold up and they have past both tests for me and I couldn't be happier.

These brushes would be great for traveling , or every day use and they are gorgeous to look at, I've been raving about them to my best friend for the past two weeks and I'm sure she thinks I'm crazy , but these brushes are seriously amazing guys. I'm picky when it comes to brushes actually, which is why I said I like trying different brands of brushes out all the time, I like to find what works. I also show you guys how the brushes look dry and wet, they don't shed or have any issues after washing!

The face brushes in this set are great, You get a Huge Powder brush, Foundation, Contour, Highlight and a fan brush. The next set of brushes are concealer, eyeshadow brushes and brow and lip brushes. Keep in mind you can use these brushes in multiple ways! It's super simple to clean the off while doing your makeup and using them for the next product. I've used just about any and every makeup product you can think of with these brushes, from cream, to powder, liquids, eyeshadow pigments and palettes, blush, highlighters, brow pomades and powder and they have performed great.

Whats also great is that you can get these brushes on Amazon , so you know your getting a good deal! If you have prime they will ship out within two days and if you don't they will still ship out fairly quick.

Here's the Link directly to the brushes -
Here's the shop Link-

Oh and make sure to enter this DISCOUNT CODE (X5A6SF77) for 35% Off! Savings galore!

Please let me know if you guys love this brush set as much as me!

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