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The universe is a mirror, what are you projecting?

Thursday, August 25, 2016 Jen Gordon

As a spiritual teacher and life coach I seem to spend most of my days in exciting new discoveries and ways of looking at consciousness and the nature of reality and personal growth.

Recently, I have discovered a metaphor that can help us not get too caught up in the outside world around us and turn our focus within on the who and what we are and can control - ourselves.

The law of attraction is a tendency that governs our universe that says what we put out in terms of our feelings and beliefs will be reflected back to us in the outer world.

The universe is as impartial as a tree, or an inanimate object like a notebook. It is a rule that we are born into by having a life here on earth.

Therefore, looking at the world around us and getting upset and reactionary isn’t really helping us to develop or change our lives. It’s looking at the projected image of us (our consciousness) in the mirror.

It would be like us getting mad at our self when we look in the mirror because we notice we put our shirt on backwards. In order to fix it, we wouldn’t try to put our hands in the mirror to change our shirt around.

We would observe, oops - I put my shirt on backwards, I better fix it by putting my hands on my body and taking it off, turn it around, and place it back on my body.

Looking at the mirror (the external world) for a fix, isn’t going to work for you. It isn’t possible to change the thought or belief in the external world.

If you want to change the thing in the outside world that you don’t want in your experience, you must go within and identify the feeling and belief that is creating the mirror image in the outer world and release it.

Our inner world is always creating our outer reality, there is no way around this. But the joy in this, is the truth that we have total freedom over our lives. And as we learn to identify our triggers and go within and find out what belief they are linked to, we can change our lives.

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