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Tat Towels: Review

Thursday, August 18, 2016 Mellody Reyes

How many people do you know with tattoos? I bet it's a lot right? That's exactly why the Body Wipe Company has came up with an innovative way to keep tattoos looking "fresh and bright". Tat Towels are moisturizing tattoo wipes that can be "a great alternative to aftercare lotion, creams or oils and instantly moisturize your body art, enhancing the colors and creating a renewed look".
I have tattoos so when I heard about these I was skeptical.

How can a wipe possibly give my tattoos a renewed look and make them fresh and bright?

After trying the Tat Towels I honestly didn't see much of a difference in my tattoos or any difference at all to be honest. However, I did feel the difference of my skin. My skin was a lot more smoother and definitely moisturized. I also tried the Tat Towels on my husband and I seen a bigger difference in the appearance of his tattoos then on mine. I think it might be because he doesn't saturate himself in lotions daily like I do so he needed a bit more moisturizing?

Nonetheless, the tat towels didn't dramatically increase the appearance of my (or his) tattoos but they did moisturize our skin which can make the appearance of a tattoo seem brighter.
According to The Body Wipe Company, "The non greasy formulation will not stain or become sticky after application and is safe to use on any tattoo. These tattoo wipes are unscented and recommended for single use". All of which is true!

For me the most annoying part of getting a tattoo (besides the pain!) would be having to apply lotions and creams, which depending on where you get your tattoo can be very inconvenient and messy. So I can definitely see these being a more convenient way to keep newer tattoos moisturized rather then the continuous application of messy lotions and creams.
All in all, these wipes are a great and convenient way to moisturize without getting your hands dirty!

If you're a skeptic like I was then you can try for yourself by purchasing an individual trial sized wipe available for purchase for only .60cents! Who knows, you may fall in love! ;)

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