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On the Rise: Blessed Rootz

Friday, August 05, 2016 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

When the creative hustle calls you, do you answer? Do you pursue a goal, even when success seems impossible? Do you follow a dream, even when times get rough? The idea of really pursuing a passion, seems so far out of reach for people. Yet, it's the innovative thinkers, the people who don't care what others think and those who are in it for something bigger, that take the leap of faith.

For two guys from the city of Aurora, a suburb just out of Chicago, taking that leap of faith wasn't even a question. Rather, it was a burning desire to create something meaningful and they just couldn't not follow through on it. Some of the most iconic streetwear brands launched with little more than hope and an idea. Blessed Rootz is in good company. This streetwear company has it's creative roots in street culture, skate culture and the great outdoors. I was excited to learn more about them, what they have been doing and where they hope to go in the coming years. The founders, Andrew Cruz and Elliot Ordoñez, took some time to talk with me about themselves, their journey and the launch of their company: Blessed Rootz. Read on for the full interview. 

1.Can you share a bit about yourself, your background and career history and what led you to launch Blessed Rootz?

Our names are Andrew Cruz and Elliot Ordoñez, we are from the suburb of Aurora, just outside of the Chicagoland area. When it comes to our launching, we were inspired by Ralph Lauren’s rise in the fashion industry and decided to pursue a career within the fashion world by starting a clothing line named Blessed Rootz, which was fashioned by Elliot.

2. Can you give us the rundown on the Blessed Rootz and the idea behind your work?

Blessed Rootz is more of a lifestyle than a brand; we’re down with a variety of activities that encourage creativity and outdoor life such as, skateboarding, fitness, martial arts, music, and art. 

3. Can you share some insight into your creative process and how you come up with you tshirt designs?

Life has inspired us and the way others have chosen to express it through street art and street wear apparel.

4. What kind of message are you hoping to showcase through the work you are doing?

We are looking to promote a lifestyle of good vibes through clothes at an affordable price.

5. What has it been like organizing to launch this business; can you give our readers some insight to what the process is like?

It is a lot more work than we thought it would be starting a business, but we are a loyal team and have a really tight brotherly bond! So, it's easy to get things done together. We started off by getting the rights to the name which we loved, than we ran with it. We had a designer draw out our logos and found a wholesale t-shirt seller. It's an exciting experience and we are enjoying every moment of it.

6. What is the meaning behind your brand name: Blessed Rootz?

The meaning behind BlessedRootz is all in the name. The idea of knowing where you came from - your ‘Roots’ are blessed whether you are talking about your family, ancestors or within yourself. The idea of truly knowing yourself and staying true to your Rootz.

7. How are you working on establishing your brand in Chicago, are there any people/musicians/influencers you are connecting with?

We do a lot of connecting with people we meet! Whether it's at a skate park or just on the street - old friends new friends, anybody we come in contact with we like to maintain good friendships. We give out free merchandise all the time and work with people to cross promote not just our merch, but their work as well. One of my homies who Djs EDM concerts and promotes rave chasers - is definitely an influencer we work with all the time. Check out his IG Elevated and make sure to check out his sound cloud too -  he performs under the name elevated.

8. How are you hoping to be innovative in what you are doing with your brand to stand out from the competition?

Just by being ourselves! We feel we stand out just by being us. We are just going to keep on pushing and creating. We are going to start hosting some parties, doing some video promotions and events in the coming months. Hopefully it all works out for the best!

9. What are your thoughts on diversity in the creative industries in Chicago? Is there enough or do you hope to add more diversity in the industry through your brand?

There is a lack of diversity in the industries within Chicago! We hope to demonstrate our Mexican rootz and make an impact in the Latin community through street wear clothing. 

10. Finally, where can our reader learn more about you and Blessed Rootz?

Check us out on instagram: Blessed_Rootz
Twitter: @BlessedRootz  and facebook: Blessedrootz clothing

Check out our website too!

Thanks to everyone rocking with the BlessedRootz - stayblessed!!!  


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