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Huawei Watch BringsTechnology to the Runway

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 Louis Vasseur

Most of us have seen the movies with the dashing, continent-hopping superspy bringing down the bad guy and saving the world with the help of an amazing technical device he wears on his wrist like a watch. Plus, it looked as good as his designer suit. As early as when Dick Tracy raced across the comic pages, comic book heroes have utilized wrist worn technology to communicate with their sidekicks. Flash forward – technology has finally caught up with graphic novels. Whether it’s called wearable technology, wearables, fashionable technology, wearable devices, or fashionable electronics, devices such as smart watches have develped high profiles and are gaining market attention.

While the easy accessibility of receiving emails and phone calls or monitoring fitness tracking on your wrist may seem pretty cool, up until recently the aesthetics were lacking. Who wants to go out on the town or walk down the red carpet with a chunk of technology on your wrist?  Plus, you don’t want to negotiate that new contract feeling like you are carrying the IT department on your arm. Let’s face it, most smart watches have a seemingly masculine design.  It is difficult for a woman to find a suitable smart watch size. 

The Chinese electronics company Huawei has taken a decidedly different approach to their smart watch design. The Huawei design team asked the question, ”What type of smart watch does the consumer really want?” They brought in watch designers to create a classic timepiece that incorporates modern technology. It became more about design and style than anything else. The result is a classic Swiss design that meets technology to create an enduring timepiece- a wearable to be worn.

At first glance, it is clear the Huawei Watch has a decidedly unisex design. In addition, the design curves to match the curvature of your wrist. It is smaller than most smart watches (42 mm in diameter and 11.3mm thick) with a weight that is not cumbersome but substantial enough not to feel cheap. As with most smart watches, you can swap out the wristband at any time allowing you to truly tailor it to your outfit.  The timepiece is made of high quality materials: scratch/shatter resistant sapphire crystal; high definition 1.4” AMOLED display; cold forged 316i stainless steel casing; Swarovski zirconia crystals; and fine leather and stainless steel straps.

The Huawei Watch is not just another pretty face. There is 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of ROM. It pairs with any Android phone and it’s also one of the first smart watches powered by Android Wear to work with the iPhone. The Huawei Watch helps you prioritize right from your wrist with a single swipe.  Every interaction is effortless.  You can control your music on the go, use your favorite apps for a seamless experience and improve your efficiency with Google Now. The Huawei Watch includes a 6-axis motion sensor (gyroscope and accelerometer), heart rate monitor, barometer, and vibration monitor for precise fitness tracking.  It goes wherever you go, offering a smart perspective on your fitness routine.

Technical reviewers have also commented on the Huawei Watch’s more fashionable design. CNET described it as “One of the best looking smart watches we’ve seen to date.  Simply put, it’s beautiful.” Another reviewer said the Huawei Watch “has a look that’s more traditionally watch-like than most of its competitors.”

With the Huawei Watch, the company has stepped on to a path towards a new era of technological design. Its capabilities will make most techno geeks smile while the timepiece’s looks will compliment modern style and fashion no matter what you are wearing.  It may well even meet the superspy’s discerning fashion needs while he is saving the world yet again.  (

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