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H2O Facial Cleanser

Monday, August 15, 2016 Avante Edmonds

The end of the summer is drawing nigh and traveling is high. Women on the go look for effective, compact items to maintain her appearance in her home away from home.

One of my biggest pet peeves has to be transferring liquid cleansers and lotions into 3oz travel containers, though I thank TSA's efforts. In my experience, no matter how secure the vessel is, liquids get messy. I do not have many alternatives since I retired bar soap at age 15. Luckily the Chicago-born brand H20+ has me covered with the On the Go Cleansing Stick.
I have heard rave review about this brand. An innovative concept of using botanical extracts that maximize the hydrating power of pure water. This line is divided into four target areas that everyone with skin deals with at some point. Hydrating products are labeled the "Oasis Collection." Defy age with the "Infinity Collection" featuring Camellia Oil and Red Algae extracts. Banish dark spots once and for all with the properties of Snowflake Flower in the "Waterbright Collection." Lastly, the collection of "Elements", which the Cleansing stick is a member of, has Pearl, Water Lily, and Bamboo extracts that soothe while purifying.
The 3 step process is simple. Wet face, apply products in a circular motion, and rinse. Massaging it into your skin until it foams is a crucial part of obtaining the freshest skin possible! After having much success with this product, I urge you to give it ago! While they have no physical location, you homebodies can shop online (there is free ground shipping!).

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