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Glowing Skin for All Skintones : Million Dollar Tan

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 FashionablyDesired

Summer is coming to an end, but it's never to late to get your bronze and glow on. I've recently discovered and been testing out a few products from Million Dollar tan, but let me tell you when I first thought of Million Dollar Tan I was like "Umm I'm a Darker skin tone, what can I use from here"?

I tried out three different products and I wanted to truly test them out before giving you guys my thoughts! The first thing I got was the Million Dollar Tan Peppermint Body scrub which is great to start out prepping your skin before using any product. I love the smell of peppermint so naturally I love the scent, it's not too strong or over bearing. I also love how soft , clean and fresh my skin feels when get out of the shower! For me the Peppermint body scrub is step one.

The fnext product I used after the peppermint body scrub was the Million Dollar Tan All the Shimmers - Dry Oil Shimmer. Upon first putting it on I was so thrilled that it showed up on my skin! Usually products don't show up or are nearly there. This product actually gives me an amazing natural glow. It's golden perfection. It's also nice because I can see someone of lighter and darker skin tones using this product and having no issues at all!

Last but not least, we have the Million Dollar Tan , Shade Upgrade (Extreme) Dark Foundation Booster. This stuff is seriously amazing. I have used in mixed in with my foundation and it gives me the perfect glow. I've worn it multiple times and it really evens out my skin tone and give me an amazing natural glow. I have worn both the Shimmer and Shade upgrade together and they matched seamlessly I was a glowing goddess, and I got a lot of compliments , so I think it's pretty safe to say these products are awesome.

I'm going on vacation next month, and I'm for sure packing these! I can't wait to be a glowing goddess at the beach, Thank you Million Dollar Tan for making such universal products so that anyone can glow or have a nice bronzed skin tone.

Please make sure to checkout their website for more great goodies and products!

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