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Embracing Anxiety

Saturday, August 27, 2016 Rachael Stewart

 By: Rachael Stewart

Embracing anxiety. That seems like something we shouldn't do. I can remember all of the times I have battled with anxiety and never once did I think that putting more emphasis on what I was worrying about would solve my problems. I remember that sometimes the fear of certain things would be so overwhelming that I didn't think I would be able to escape that moment.

Anxiety is kind of a hush hush topic. Nobody likes to dive deep into their mental and air it out in front of others. I totally get that. It is a topic that is very personal to each and every one of us. The thing that I want people to remember is that it is more common than not to face anxiety. Although people may not talk about what they deal with, it doesn't mean they don't deal with something. You are not alone in your battle.

Alright, now that we understand that anxiety is not something to be ashamed of or that is abnormal, how do we deal with it? How do we live our lives and continue to fight through the fear and worry? I have spent my whole life wondering that same thing. Recently, I had the incredible blessing of being able to hear a guest preacher at my church, that changed my whole view on mental health in regards to anxiety.

His name is Doctor Henry Cloud and he is an author and clinical psychologist. He said something so profound and simple about coping with our stresses that it took me aback. So many of us panic and run from what is causing all of our anxiety and little do we know, that actually makes the situation much worse. We are running away instead of facing our trigger. We can run away, but our trigger will still remain. It is not until we confront it, that it leaves.

When anxiety arises, don't run from it. Don't flinch. Don't squirm. Doctor Cloud's solution? Just sit there and really feel what you are feeling. Be there and feel the fear and the panic and let the feelings truly just wash over you. The thing that causes us fear is fear its self. When we sit there with our fears while we face our trigger, we will see that things aren't as bad as we painted them out to be. We have a tendency to build things up into this outrageously traumatizing ideal when in reality, it is much smaller of an ordeal and something we needn't be afraid of. Whether it be a nervous habit we have, an upcoming test, an undesirable discussion, a phobia, or whatever it may be, when we let go and just be with our feelings when the anxiety arises, we will soon see that it wasn't as bad as we made it out to be. The fear will pass and you will be set free. Embrace the anxiety. Don't run from it. Be with it, and you will see that you are bigger than your worries.

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