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At Home Beauty Treatments: Summer Pedicures and more!

Tuesday, August 09, 2016 Michelle Landriault

As much as I love getting pampered and doing pedicures at the salon, I cant afford that every month, and as I get older its getting harder to find the time to treat myself. Sometimes just taking care of business at home is much more rewarding.

I've found some little at home treatments that have changed the game for me. Here is my at home beauty routine as well as some pedicure treatments, I enjoy making my Sundays a pamper day. It varies from week to week based on what I need and what my body is telling me. Make sure to follow me on Snapchat @MichelleSwoons for more of my beauty updates!

Whats in the Video? 
Skinn Cosmetics has my heart with this amazing foot scrub. The minty smell makes me feel fresh and clean just like the spa. I also love the large chunks of salt, it works wonders on my tired feet. JR watkins is a brand I recently discovered and have fallen DEEPLY in love with. I am OBSESSED with their cleaning supplies as well as some of the hand creams. I am so happy with my purchases. I also really love this Foot Repair Salve. This also has a wonderful minty smell, and sinks right into your skin. My feet feel baby-soft after using this. I'm also really into Butter London's nail polishes as well as the good ole OPI polish

Aside from my pedicure routine I also love a good hair mask. I have been using oils in my hair as a mask and keeping them on all day. This Philip B hair oil is a great option for a mask. It soaks right into my hair, and again, has a lovely scent. This is also a tad minty! Can you see a trend here?

Another favorite of mine is Caudalie, I absolutely LOVE their skincare line. The pure ingredients, the great smell, the instant results... honestly they cannot get more perfect. If you've been following my blog for a while you know I am a die hard Caudalie fan, I have a ton of reviews up over there for you to see if you want to learn more about the brand. However, these masks are wonderful, I haven't used a mask over there that I didn't like. Pick any one of these and I'm sure you'll be happy, but the instant detox is one of my all time faves.

What's in your at home treatments? Do you pamper yourself at all? 

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