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All Time Favorite Colourpop Products

Monday, August 01, 2016 Jailyn Menefee

Hello Readers!

I am back with a post I am very excited about, my all time favorite Colourpop products! Now I have been a LOYAL customer for almost two years now since I came across a video of KathleenLights on YouTube, talking about her collaboration with the brand. My first purchase was her collaboration with brand where she created her Lumiere lippie stick and pencil. I loved the color and the formula but unfortunately the color did not look that great on my skin tone so I gave it to one of my best friends. Although the color wasn't for me, I feel in love with the brand and made another purchase.

Throughout the last year and half, I have mad numerous purchases from one of my favorite brands, and have accumulated quite a lot of products, (it is slightly excessive). From all those purchases I have came to love some products and I am here to share my love for these products so you all can check out with wonderful brand.

First, I want to give you all a little background on the brand before you go make a purchase. So Colourpop is based out of California and they ship all over the U.S. and now international! They are cruelty free, and they just a wonderful brand. With every purchase they send a little hand written personalized note and it's the cutest thing. Now on to my favorites!

Finally here are my favorites! One of the favorite products from Colourpop, are their eye shadows. They are so creamy and pigmented it is unreal. They have an amazing color range, and all different types of finishes.  Below is a picture of my favorite shadows; from left to right they are Bandit, Game Face, Drift, Sequin, and La La. They are my absolute favorite colors by the brand; they are gorgeous and have amazing pigmentation.
Bandit is a perfect warm tone matte brown that works amazing as a crease color, or as a base color, as I like to use it. Game Face, is a beautiful shimmery copper color it looks like melted pennies and it's gorgeous. One of my all time favorite colors ever, it glides on like a dream and it is so build able. You can make it super intense or make it more daytime, whatever your little heart can tend. My next favorite is Drift, an incredible cranberry color. When I first saw this I was blown away, I have never seen such a gorgeous shimmery cranberry. This color is ideal for the holidays, you can blend it with reddish browns or you can go intense and pair it with a black matte shadow and create a smoky cranberry look. This color is versatile. The next color is one of my more recent purchases and it has quickly become one of my favorites Sequin. A beautiful shimmery metallic rose gold eye shadow. This color can be more daytime or glam whichever one it truly works for both looks. This color is more rose than my next favorite, Sequin has tiny flicks for silver glitter in it and it makes the color super intense. This color can be worn by itself or you can throw any color in your crease and be on your way. Lastly, but certainly not least is my favorite color of them all La La, a rose gold shimmery shadow more on the gold side. This color is like melting rose gold and putting it on your eyelids, absolutely gorgeous. This color I have used the most of, it is my go to every day color its perfection.

My next favorites are the most popular item on Colourpop's website, their lippie sticks, and ultra matte lipsticks. I have a SERIOUS obsession with their lip products, and my makeup collection can corroborate that. Below are my favorites from top to bottom, Frick n Frack, Tulle, Blood, LAX, and Avenue. There are 3 ultra mattes, 1 ultra satin lip, and one lippie stick. My first favorite Frick n Frack is a pink ultra satin lip, and the color is gorgeous. The ultra satin lips are the product of if an ultra matte lipstick and a regular lippie stick had a baby. They are creamy and pigmented; this color is the most perfect everyday color. The next color Tulle, is a warm tone nude pink and oh my goodness it is gorgeous. These type of colors are out of my color range but I fell for this gorgeous color when I first wore it. These ultra mattes dry down fast and they are comfortable to wear if you wear a lip balm under them. This color can be worn day to night and you do not need to retouch it throughout the day.  My next favorite is Blood, the ultra matte lippie stick, now these were their first lip products and one of my favorites. They do not dry down completely matte which is okay because that makes them more comfortable to wear. This color is a blood red hence the name and it is perfect when you are feeling a little vampy, it is perfect. It's not too dark so those of you who are afraid of a red lip try this one out you won't be disappointed. Now sticking with my favorite color range, reds my next favorite is LAX an ultra matte lipstick. This color is the PERFECT dark vampy lip, it is dark and it is beautiful. If you are feeling deep and dark reach for this color, and it is very comfortable to wear. I love mixing this color with my next favorite Avenue. My last favorite is Avenue, a classic red lip that is gorgeous for any occasion and it adds the finishing touches to any look. So many people will be able to pull this color off, mix this color with LAX or your favorite deep red and you have the perfect vampy lip color.

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