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Unique, One-of-a-Kind, Comfortable & Giving; That's Fleeps!

Friday, July 08, 2016 Stella Quimby

The wind blowing in your hair, the sun bronzing your skin, the sunglasses are on point and your shoes are FLEEPS!! You are probably wondering what are these Fleeps; why are they so unique compared to other flip flops?

First, they have a distinct design that you won't find elsewhere. Wearing these, I know I am bound to get questions and compliments! The design features a adjustable cross-ankle strap, smooth-finish toe thong and a lightweight shock-absorbent sole.

How did Fleeps get started? In case you are wondering how someone came up with this concept, it is the brainchild of Founder Kael Robinson. Robinson is the founder and CEO of two other fashion brands (Brazilets & Live Worldly). Robinson's passion for fashion and making a difference in girls education brought about Fleeps. With each purchase of a Fleeps, 10% of each sale goes to the FLEEPS Foundation which provides funding to Shining Hope of Communities out of Kenya and Starfish Impact Foundation out of Guatemala; committed to the education of girls. Not only do you look cool but you support change in the world by empowering and educating women and young girls around the world.

Now for my review of this cool innovative product: LOVE THEM! I have to admit, it was a little weird first wearing them since they are not a typical flip flop with the toe thong going of to a side. But as soon as I got accustomed to it (which was just a few minutes of wearing them) they were super light and I completely forgot I was wearing shoes. They are also very comfortable! Loved the bright colors (I got a blue one) and honestly I wore them with regular street clothes and out for a date night with a cute maxi and let me tell you, I look sharp both days with my Fleeps.  I definitely will be ordering more, perhaps the hot pink one!! I recommend you all to check them out! It is a buy that makes you smile!!

Just in case you didn't know where you can get your Fleeps, order them here!!! Enjoy your summer with the newest, happiest flip flop...FLEEPS!!! 

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