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The Smarter the Garter, the Better

Monday, July 11, 2016 Olivia Lemley

If I am not mistaken, 'tis the season of music festivals. As everyone is scavenging for cheap tickets, perfect temporary tattoos and the best pair of gladiator sandals, let us not forget something even more common than flower children--lost wallets and broken phones. Living in the moment, jumping to the beat of your favorite Calvin Harris song is not a crime but other people may be waiting for the following moment:

You're having so much fun, you don't even notice your pocket is now empty, or your purse feels lighter, or all of a sudden you have an extra free hand and you're not sure why. Your phone, keys, wallet, and more importantly--new Kylie Jenner lipstick is GONE. That moment of panic, perhaps more of a mini heart attack, is why SmarterGarter has your back.

Garter Purse: “Lara Croft meets Coco Chanel”
Boot Pocket: “Scoot Your Boot. Hide Your Loot”
Yoga Mat Pocket: “Find Chi. Be Hands-Free”
Hip Pocket: “Not your Grandma’s Fanny-Pack”
Wallet: “Anxiety over lost cards in hand bags? Stall. It. Make SmarterGarter a wallet.”
Leather Garter: “Sexy. Accessory.”

Whether you want to hide it, or show it off, this gadget is the perfect addition to your festival ensemble. An additional place to wear your SmarterGarter that I became quite fond of is on your arm. It reminds me of my Nike armband I use at the gym to listen to music. It is easy, convenient, and you can always keep an eye on your things. Any way you choose to wear your SmarterGarter, you are keeping track of your belongings. Never again will you be searching through the crowds of jumping people to find your phone. Have a great time, and let SmarterGarter be the responsible one.

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