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Stick in the Mud

Saturday, July 23, 2016 Rachael Stewart

By: Rachael Stewart

How many of you have looked at your life and felt like there is no life in it? How many of you
have wanted to do something so badly, but were too afraid of what people thought, to do it? Hey, you are not alone. If someone asked me this, I would have alarms going off with flashing lights because it is so true and there is no way I can deny it.

I think if we all asked ourselves when we started to lose the freedom from judgment and gained the burden of "reality", it would be when we first thought we had to become an adult. Allow me to explain this. When we were children we were free of worry, we were bold, we didn't care what anyone thought because we didn't have to. We weren't trying to impress an employer, a boy or girl, friends, or anyone else. As a child, our hearts and intentions were pure and we were the truest form of ourselves because we had no limits. They say when a child says something, you know it is true because children don't lie and that goes not only for what they say but how they live their lives. They are true to themselves and don't put on masks to be someone else. I believe that once we got to the age where peoples' opinions began to hold power over us, we began losing our freedom, our ability to be real, and the possibility of being so purely immersed in the moments that make up our lives.

As adults, we are so consumed with work, money, success, relationships, image, and so on that we are no longer living. We are like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". Someone has taken over our bodies and has kicked our real selves out. That body may be doing things, but we are not truly residing and living inside of it because this new "self" has taken over all of the space that once used to be our home. Where did our inner child go? Why did we kick it out? Friends, we may have lost our inner child, but it is time to find it and embrace it and give it more space to take up. We need to kick out the worry, the fear, the need to impress and we need to just BE!

Life is way too short to spend running from task to task, from stress to stress. Every day we wake up is a gift. We are not meant to waste our gift poisoning it with all of the worries of the world, but rather to fill it up with joy and laughter and love. Lovely people, life is about spontaneity and adventure. Life is about living the best that YOU can and not being concerned about what someone thinks of you, but rather loving every moment and encouraging one another to do the same. Life is meant to be enjoyed and to be LIVED.

There is so much beauty and joy in this world that we can encounter and feel if we truly start living. Once we put our guard down and open our eyes to the world in front of us, we can see all of the things we have been missing out on and what we need to explore. Friends, let go and let loose. Dance like no one is watching. Wake up to watch the sunrise and take a moment to watch the sunset. Turn off the tv and go outside to see the stars shining in the sky or to feel the cool breeze zipping through the trees. Do something you have always wanted to but were too afraid to try. Be bold and go talk to that guy or girl. Drive with the windows down and music blasting. Swing on the swing set and close your eyes and feel like you are soaring through the air. Your stresses will always be there, but your life won't. You can't gain a single day back, but you can make the most out of the ones you have left. Choose to live your life to the fullest and to live without boundaries. Choose to truly live. When you reach the end of your years, are you going to wish you had spent more time working, making money, and making people like you, or are you going to wish you had tried more things, gone more places, been more bold, and dreamt bigger and chased more dreams? The choice is yours, but now you have to ask yourself: What kind of life do I want to live?

Photography referencing:
Photography by Matthias Witteman

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