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Off The Street Club Hosting 8th Annual Firefly Ball

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 Jennifer Oquendo

As we all know the violence in Chicago continues to increase and lately all we hear about is the negativity. It's unfortunate that kids can no longer be kids in the comfort of their front yard or their local parks. With the dangerous violence and gang activities that are on the rise, it's sad to know that neighborhoods aren't safe for our little ones. Thankfully there are organizations that are focused on helping and reaching out to the kids and young adults of our communities. One organization that is making a positive impact and change especially in the West Garfield Park neighborhood is the "Off The Street Club." 

Off The Street Club helps get kids off the dangerous and unhealthy streets and into a safe and healthy environment where they are free to be normal kids with no fear of harm. The organization allows a place for kids to have fun and positively interact with other kids. They play games and sports but they also learn manners such as proper etiquette and respect. The kids also have tutoring and mentoring available to them. Besides that, every year Off The Street Club hosts a fundraising event called the "Firefly Ball." The 8th annual Firefly Ball event will be filled with music, food and a ton of dancing opportunities.  The best thing about the event, though, is that it helps raise money for kids to go to summer camp. Off The Street Club uses this as an opportunity to send at-risk kids to Camp Mathieu where they enjoy fun-filled activities such as hiking, horseback riding, swimming and cookouts. "The goal of the event is to raise funds so that at least 200 children from Chicago's high-risk neighborhoods can attend and stay away from the heavy gun violence that peaks during these hot summer months. Lives are saved every year because of Camp Mathieu and people like you."

The 8th annual Firefly Ball will be held at Morgan's located at 950 W. Fulton street, on July 22, 2016 from 7:00pm-11:00pm. This is a special moment for a lot of the children because they look forward to being part of the Camp Mathieu experience. During these times when our communities are seeing turmoil and constant loss, it's nice to see organizations standing in the gap for our communities!

If you are interested in prices for attending, donating or just want more information on the Firefly Ball or on Off The Street Club you can visit

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