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New High Roller Haven: PRYSM

Monday, July 18, 2016 tgoandco

The new summer hotspot Prysm is the latest club to hit the North Avenue and Clybourn area.
This sexy – not so little hotspot spared nothing in making this venue uber-chic.  The walls are
waxed a deep red, the banquets are a metallic snakeskin and lighting is cutting-edge, high tech. This place sparkles and is incredibly well done. The two story space has a glass railed upper balcony for an expansive view of all the festivities. Large booths offer comfortable seating of large groups throughout the space. The bottle service menu is impressive not only with it’s offerings but also in how it is presented. Backlit menu folders are present on every table and allow for easy selection in the dimly lit venue. Finding your beverage of choice is incredibly easy, high-tech but also has an extremely sophisticated touch. The booths are really set up for groups of six or more and can amply seat 8 without feeling squished. Reserve a booth as seating is limited if you are not in a group or you are extremely social and mix well.

There are lots of elegant touches to this place and they try to pamper to your every desire. Not exactly inexpensive, this place really is a high roller mecca. If the opening press night was any indication, they will have no trouble packing them in.  The valet service was quite busy parking a plethora of lamborginis as well as a host of other nicely appointed roadsters. It was like being at the Chicago Auto Show. The glamorously sexy cars came with

glamourous sexy owners all dressed up to sip cocktails and provide excellent eyecandy. This place is not a slouch place and does require a certain level of dress… in short, dress to impress and plan to put the goods out on display. This is dressy chic. A guy in a sportcoat or suit would not feel out of place — a man in shorts and a t-shirt would. This is not a tourist venue. One won’t see people in jersey’s watching television… in fact, you won’t find a television at all. You also won’t find a dance floor which was a bit of a disappointment given the investment in the music system and lights. The DJ booth take center stage in the back of the club and is really the focal point of the room. It is looms large and bold and is mesmerizing. The music is excellent and vibrant and the DJ provides a great mix.

You will find the upstairs black paneled lounge is a treat. It is seductive place to meet and greet. The barstaff is extremely gorgeous and very attentive to making sure you have a wonderful time. Call 312-546-4141 if you would like to reserve a booth for your next party. You can find Prysm at 1543 N Kingsbury St, Chicago, IL 60642 – just South of Clybourn and across the street from Whole Foods.

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