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Limelight Eventplex Brings Big Time Music to Peoria

Sunday, July 03, 2016 Louis Vasseur

Sometimes when you see a need in your community, you just have to fill it yourself.  Danny Cash, along with his business partners and fellow musicians, Rick Owens and Devin Birch, saw a dire need for a mid-sized music venue in Peoria.  Nearby Bloomington, Springfield, Champaign/Urbana, and Galesburg each had a music venue serving this market.  However, after the Majestic Theater closed in 2003, this market remained unserved in Peoria.  Driven by their love of live music, the partners decided to convert a former warehouse space into the Limelight Eventplex, a new entertainment and event center in order to fill in the gap.

The Limelight Eventplex opened in 2015 as a premiere mid-sized venue hosting national and regional touring artists in a number of different genres.   The 20,000 square foot facility provides amenities usually found only in established venues located in major markets.  The main performance space has a capacity of 1500 and is a music lover’s paradise.  The acoustically designed venue features a massive stage, concert sound and light system, up-close front of stage area, and a VIP loft.  “Since the three of us are all musicians, we decided to build Limelight with the best sound system as well as acoustical treatment possible,” said Cash.  “We wanted the performance space to be about the sound and the show.  We brought in acoustical engineers and experts to help us get it right.  We focused on efficiency – getting to the bathroom and getting a drink quickly – which was important to us.”

The Limelight Eventplex hosted 80 events in its first year featuring artists such as Night Ranger, Brett Michaels, Parmalee, Marylon Manson, Tech N9ne, Tod Rundgren, and comedians Jim Breuer and Ralphie May.  Cash expects to grow to 120-150 events per year, hosting everything from rock, country, and jazz shows to children’s events and comedy shows.  In addition to the main performance space, the complex also has Soundbar, a smaller performance space which regularly hosts local artists. 

A Day To Remember - Just Some Shows Tour at the Limelight Eventplex (photo by Meg Italia Vasseur)
The entertainment industry is taking notice as more touring artists report back about their experience at the Limelight.  “This is a great venue,” says John Ugolini, owner of Kickstand Productions in Chicago.  Kickstand has promoted several shows at the Limelight Eventplex, most recently the A Day To Remember Just Some Shows Tour“It’s a good location for routing, has a great sound system,and they take amazing care of our artists.   We will definitely continue to book shows there.”

Cash credits his staff for ensuring that artists and fans alike have a great experience.  “We’re lucky to have some great people on staff.  We’re all music lovers and we work hard to make sure everyone has a good time.”

Main Performance Space at the Limelight Eventplex

Cash says they plan to keep improving the caliber of the shows they host.  Fans regularly travel from neighboring states to attend shows at the Limelight Eventplex.  This provides a welcome shot in the arm to the local economy.  Local restaurants and hotels have told Cash they have seen a significant boost in business since the complex opened.   Building upon their success, he and his partners founded Working Man Productions to serve as a promoter of larger shows at the Peoria Riverfront Stage and Three Sisters Park.  “Our goal is to provide the Peoria area with a wide variety of music and other entertainment.”

To learn more about the Limelight Eventplex and upcoming events, check out www.limlighteventplex.com.

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