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Karen Millen - the chic Britsh brand hitting the streets of America

Monday, July 18, 2016 Elaine Rau

Karen Millen is a luxury women's retailer, best known locally in Chicago for her unique lacework, interesting necklines, and the durability of the cloth used to create her couture outfits. Outfits are easily put together and can be used for various occasions and outings. Check out this body framing cross over strap dress below that can be used for both work and play! The dress is currently on sale for $100 and the cardigan is $73 (

Karen Millen is a woman who designs for women - you can feel it when you put on any one of her dresses. A lot of personal stylists bring their clients here because you just cant go wrong with anything they may try on! I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Kolovos, a local Chicago personal stylist and image consultant, at a recent Karen Millen event. He specializes in outfitting people in the media, especially people that appear on television often. He says the things to pay attention to and that are most important on TV is the neckline and solid colors - especially the color blue. Below is an example of how important a slight neckline detail can make a dress look completely different and unique and make you stand out anywhere you go!

If you are currently someone who is changing careers, just got promoted, just retired, moved for a job to someplace with a different climate, someone who doesn't have time to shop, or someone who is in the media a lot and needs help with personal image management, you should contact Tom. He has 11 years of experience as a personal stylist. How it works is he goes over to your place, or wherever you have your clothes stored, it usually takes about 5 hours to go through your closet and your vision of what you need so that he knows what to recommend or what to buy for you.

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