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Clinique Summer 2016 Makeup Swatches ♡ #PlayWithPop #LidPop #LipPop

Sunday, July 24, 2016 FashionablyDesired

Clinique launched some pretty sweet products earlier this year! I wanted to show you guys how they looked up close and personal because I absolutely loved swatching and wearing these products so far this summer.

I decided on just doing a makeup swatch video because instead of me telling you how great of products these are I figured why not just show you? I hope you guys truly enjoy this video and get your hands on this collection.

It's also important that I mention I use this foundation stick daily and I love it! These eyeshadows are not only adorable but they really pack pigmentation. I love when I find makeup products from a brand that just work. Lip products give me life, and I like to have options so I feel like there is for sure going to be something for everyone in this collection.

Hope you enjoyed this post/video! If you are make sure you are following me on my other social media outlets, I can always use another makeup junkie friend or two.

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