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A Night Out at Rockit Bar & Grill

Friday, July 01, 2016 Perry

Sometimes the best cure for a case of the hangries is the classic choice of a tasty burger and fries! When the craving is real, it can be hard to choose from all of the amazing food options that Chicago has to offer. Standing out among the masses, Rockit Bar & Grill takes a rebellious twist on American comfort food with Asian, Latin and Mediterranean influences.

I recently had the opportunity to try out Rockit's latest menu release. Here are a few of my favorite tastes!

During National Burger Month in Chicago, Rockit created a burger that incorporated all of the fixings of a Thanksgiving dinner! Named, Bring Back Thanksgiving, this towering creation is made up of a turkey burger with sage and marjoram, stuffing, cranberry mustard aioli, shoestring sweet potatoes, giblet gravy, with a bruleed marshmallow to top, and brussels sprouts salad on the side. My taste buds were definitely "thankful" I gave it a try!

I'm a sucker for some great mac and cheese! Combine cheesy noodles with buffalo chicken, and I am like melty cheese in your hands. *pitter patter* Rockit's take on mac and cheese is large spiral noodles coated in cheddar cheese and buffalo sauce, with grilled chicken, and blue cheese sprinkled on top! 

What goes better with mac and cheese than more cheese? The lobster grilled cheese is a savory option that will have you feeling like a big kid. Lobster salad, fontina, brioche,with greens on the side - it's too good not to try!

Passing on dessert is not an option at Rockit! Their dessert offerings are just as tempting as the entrees. Picking just one was hard, but I chose to sample the cheesecake jar, with vanilla cheesecake mousse, bourbon cherry compote and graham cracker crumble. Hands down - best choice I have ever made!

If you are looking to break the burger mold and push your appetite's boundaries, Rockit Bar & Grill is the perfect place to enjoy a unique meal. More than just amazing food, they also offer a wide variety of cocktails and beer too! My recommendation for something to wet your whistle, is the strawberry habanero margarita. It's the perfect combination of sweet and spicy - a real tall drink of delicious!

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