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Things to Do this Summer: Randolph Street Market

Wednesday, June 08, 2016 Jen Lezan

Summer in Chicago  is addictive. It's what keeps people coming back for more. It makes the harsh realities of the bitter winters worth the heartache. Summer flourishes in Chicago like a gently blooming rose. It starts slowly, but once it gets going, it is breathtaking. The air is so fresh and the colors are incredibly more vibrant. People venture out in the masses, crowding the intersections and making their initial pilgrimage to the beach.

The weekends in the city during the summer are marvelous. From free concerts in the park to amazing outdoor markets that offer a variety of interesting options, there's always something to do in the Summer in Chicago. One great market that you shouldn't miss out on is the Randolph Street Market Festival. Mixing one part shopping, one part food and one part entertainment, the Randolph Street Market draws thousands of people each weekend during the Summer in Chicago.

Photography Courtesy of: Dwight Bejec

As featured in New York Times Style, Lucky and Travel & Leisure Magazines, The Randolph Street Market, The Indie Designer Market & Modern Vintage Chicago are the epitome of outdoor and antique markets in the city of Chicago.  If you're looking for a weekend of good music, great shopping filled with beautifully-crafted, Chicago designed fashion, art, jewelry, and décor - this is the must stop shopping experience to add to your Summer calendar. Shoppers enjoy the best of both worlds of indoor and outdoor markets. The market is a high energy, colorful environment where you can buy directly from the designers themselves, explore antiques and enjoy vintage wares. The market presents an exclusive exhibition of hand selected vendors and booths featuring some of the most unique and provocative talent Chicago has to offer.

Heading down Washington Street on a breezy Sunday morning, the sounds of a band playing, people chattering and merchants sharing their goods can clearly be heard the closer you get to one of the two entry check ins. Randolph Street Market is housed at Chicago's Plumbers Hall, at 1340 W. Washington Street, Chicago, IL 60607. The organizers also always say that the event is also at the 1350 Block West Randolph because the event can be accessed via two gates: Randolph Street gate, and Washington Street gate. Both gates are bordered by Ada Street on the East and Ogden Avenue on the West.

Markets are interesting environments to people watch. The way people shop, peruse, connect with eachother and enjoy a day out truly highlgihts the joy that summers brings out in individuals. This market has fabulous vintage clothing, handbags, jewelry and stylish retro-spectacular accessories, art, housewares, and décor, There are nearly 200 mini boutiques with thousands of treasures in all price ranges and from all era's. You will automatically have entrance to the Randolph Street Market when you come to the Indie Designer Market.

Come and support local creative talent in an exciting indoor and open air market environment this summer. The upcoming dates for this summer are June 25th & 26th, July 30th & 31st and August 27th & 28th.  You can learn more and keep up with additional market dates at:

• Free West Loop/Fulton Market delivery area - see map for free zone!
• Lower advance ticket price! $8 general online / $3 student online

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