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The Journey for Joy

Saturday, June 04, 2016 Rachael Stewart

Joy. It's a tiny word that packs a lot of punch. Only 3 letters, but its power and its significance in our lives are some of the greatest and most sough after aspects of our lives. When I think of joy, the first thing that pops into my head is children smiling from ear to ear, that butterfly feeling that we get in our stomach when we are excited, and that little dance we do when we receive good news and can't contain our smiles. It's funny because while writing what I think joy is, I had to really be intentional about not including the word itself in the description. I wanted to say joy is when we jump for joy, joy is when we do that little dance because we receive good news and are overjoyed. So, what is joy?

We spend our entire lives trying to find it, trying to grasp it, trying to hold onto it and never let it go. The thing is, I believe we overcomplicate what it is and how to find it. We think it is found in the perfect life, the perfect spouse, the perfect home, the perfect children, the perfect job. We think that when we have all of this, we have reached the point in our lives where we can finally be satisfied and therefore we can be joyous. That is the problem with our world. We are taking unnecessary steps and making ourselves wait for something we can have right now.
Joy is not found in success, in having the "perfect" life, or in checking off a certain amount of items on life's checklist. It is much more simple than that. It is found in accepting we are broken people and surrendering our lives and imperfections to the one who is whole. It is found in knowing that there is nothing on this earth that holds any chains on us. We are FREE! Joy is freedom. We put on these chains that were never there and never needed to be because we can't believe that someone so perfect could love us as we are: flawed. Brothers and sisters rid yourself of the chains of the world and accept the gift of freedom that was given to you. Let's not complicate things where they need not be complicated. Let's accept the simplicity and find our joy in that, because that is where joy truly resides.
Dear people, joy is simple and joy is real. Joy is for us and God wants us to have it. Rest your mind and your soul and know that the God of peace of love and of JOY has provided us with every beautiful gift and more. Look up to the skies, to the dazzling and vivid colors brushed so wonderfully along the horizon and see the beauty God has bestowed onto the earth and be reminded of the joy that you can and will have in your life with God.

Photography referencing:
Photography by Matthias Witteman

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