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Seadog Sushi - A Scrumptiously Creative Meal

Monday, June 06, 2016 Elaine Rau

Seadog Sushi has been Michelin Recommended four years in a row since they opened their doors just five years ago. If you aren't already a sushi lover, Chef O will certainly turn you into one. Seadog Sushi is located in West Town, south of Wicker Park and west of the Loop - if you don't go by that area much, I can tell you it is well worth the commute.

What differentiates Seadog Sushi from the various sushi spots scattered around Chicagoland is the level of creativity and energy devoted to each and every dish that is presented on their ever changing menu. Chef O even took the pictures on the menu himself to make sure his creations were captured just right, because every dish is also a work of art. I tried seven of their signature rolls including the Tuna Eve, Halloween, Carpaccio, Oh my Crab, Triple S, Chicago River and the Lover. Below is a picture of me and Chef O with our eight and final dish, the Sashimi Platter ($25) - notice the lovely rose he created with the salmon.

Chef O would like to offer YOU a complimentary order of spicy sweet potato maki (limit one per table) that can be redeemed until the end of June 2016. So grab some friends and head over to Seadog Sushi today!!! See below for a diagram I made to help you decide what to eat when you are there:

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