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Love Yourself(ie): Life Lessons For Kid Charisma by Andrea A. Lewis

Thursday, June 02, 2016 Jennifer Oquendo

Love Yourself(ie): Life Lessons For Kid Charisma is a perfect read for kids and preteens! Recently I was able to receive the book to read through and with no doubt I knew parents needed to know about it. Chicago author Andrea A. Lewis was able to form a fictional storyline with clear understanding of a sensitive and serious topic.

Social media and technology can be harmful to young boys and girls if it is not properly monitored by a responsible adult. Unfortunately this topic is taken very lightly and parents are not ensuring that what is being posted and seen online is appropriate. Nowadays, kids are bullying each other on the internet and it greatly affects their self-esteem. Preteens struggle with self-esteem issues and insecurities because they are getting to the age where they want to be known as beautiful or handsome. They want to be known as having the newest clothing or shoes. It's all about appearance to them and unfortunately social media is used to expose that. 

Love Yourself(ie) is a powerful tool for parents to reach out to their children in a new perspective. The story is not pushy nor comes off forceful, instead, Andrea was able to create an easy dialogue with relatable situations and creatively weave in the lessons. The book is a great opportunity for parents and children to read together and it opens up a discussion about the seriousness of social media.  The story starts off with Harper, a young girl who eventually learns about self-acceptance. We see her struggle while she retakes selfies of herself to post online. She needs to get the best shot so she can get the most likes. Unfortunately that does not happen and although she received a few likes and comments, it didn't satisfy her and fulfilled her insecure thoughts. She compares herself with other girls and the amount of attention they receive on their pictures, which devastates her. As simple as the story is it truly reveals the mind of a young boy or girl. They seek attention and popularity because they want to be liked and accepted. Towards the end of the story, we see Harper and her a-ha moment as she begins to embrace the beauty that she is when she discovers self-acceptance. 

This book is truly remarkable and is perfect for those one-on-one discussions that are needed between a parent and a child.  If you would like more information on the book or want to purchase a copy, it is available on

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