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Helping You Thank Your Dad (with a Discount too)

Friday, June 10, 2016 Nicole Styles

In case you mix-up dates as easily as I do, You may not have realized that Father's Day is June 19! ( I still can't believe we're in June already! ) If you haven't thought about your gift yet. I have the gift for you.

As cheesy as it sounds, I recommend gifting him socks, Nick's Socks specifically. Here me out! Nick's Socks are a luxury sock brand. Thier socks are made in Italy and made out of 100% Egyptian Cotton. This makes these socks, fine, thin, and breathable. It will keep his foot cool enough for the summer and warm enough for the winter.  Since it is cotton, washing these aren't complicated. Just stick them in your washing machine. Don't worry, they won't shrink. Nick's Socks will actually snap  back into place and the socks' fibers will become stronger with each wash.  

Nick's Socks are bold but simple enough for the business man in your life. On their site,you will see the various colors combinations and patterns to satisfy the "fun" dads to the "chill" dads (and every dad in between).  Jeremy is wearing the Originale (Stripes) in Red. Most of Nick's Socks are calf-length and 2 styles of knee-length socks.The best part of the socks are that they are breathable. Why is that so important? He will be so comfortable in the socks that he won't notice that the socks are there! He won't notice that his socks have slipped to his ankles. The hair on his leg won't become senstive from wearing the socks. However, everyone will notice how nice his socks are. 

To help you out, even more, I am letting you know that there is a 20% Discount on all orders at Nick's Socks from Now until Father's Day, June 19th.  Act fast! You don't want to miss out on this deal on luxury socks.

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