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Heeeeree....Kitti, Kitti, Kitti

Wednesday, June 01, 2016 Olivia Lemley

How many stories have you heard that start with a pregnant cat? Yeah, I didn't think so. Curious? I was too. First, let's throw in a little background about Amy Pugh before her inspirational brand came about. She was a natural artist born in Atlanta, sketching stuffed animals before she could even talk. As she grew up, she furthered her talent and went to school for art. At Georgia State University, she chose to stray from the norm and approached her gifts on her own terms. Once Pugh had her own art studio, she was able to work and paint freelynow THIS is where the stray cat comes in.

Pugh found a stray, pregnant cat at work, she welcomed it to her own. She named her Pinta which is "paint" in Spanish. Pinta soon gave birth to her five kittens. The second kitten born stood out from the litter and was named Salvador; he was the first to open his eyes, walk, eat, and even notice all of Amy Pugh's paintings. 

"He would walk over to them and sit and stare, like he was studying them. Soon Salvador became a painter.  He put his paws into the paint and walked on the canvas."

It is from this, Salvador Kitti was born; a company that puts original paintings into adorable, wearable art. This company fulfills every wildlife and pet lover's dream. Colorful and exotic bags, pouches, and accessoriesnot to mention aprons and umbrellas to go all out. Better yet, there is vegan leather purse collection to jazz up their page. Together, Pugh and Salvador have brought to us a collection that embraces wildlife and all it's colorful beauties. 
Each bag is made with a purpose to protect and preserve animals and the environment. Vegan, microfiber and water resistance are only some of the qualities these products have to offer. Not only are they available for sale now, but there is also a kickstarter running for you to check out. Follow the link to learn more about this intriguing company and take a sneak-peek at the koala accessories up for grabs.
Enjoy the little things nature provides.

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