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Fashion Meets Function: Chic and Casual Workout Wear

Wednesday, June 08, 2016 Jen Lezan

There is a plethora of workout wear flooding the market lately. Left and right, we are seeing new brands pop up and new trends hit the stores. Each brand offers something special and laser focused on a specific type of fitness workout. Whether you are looking for something to suit yoga, running or Crossfit, there is brand and style to fit your needs.

As each year passes, the fashion and athletic-wear industry continues to evolve. Materials are always an area of innovation within the industry. New fabrics are being introduced that offer benefits to the wearer. Materials that are sheer enough to see through when held to the light, yet demurely opaque on body. Materials that dry faster and breathe better than ever. Jacquard knits added to high-sweat zones look pretty and help to enhance moisture evaporation. These fabrics are strategically incorporated into key areas of the garment to ensure maximum performance.

The trends in athletic-wear this season focus on the idea of fashion meets function. Chic and causal workout wear that goes effortlessly from the gym to the to brunch without missing a beat. Athleisure has made a big impact on fit fashionistas. A focus on creative and interesting patterns add a fun twist to the often boring black yoga pants.  The Teeki New Moon Hot Pant and Lover Tank are the perfect culmination of comfort meets chic. Four way stretch in the fabric helps to to expand with your muscles in all movement, elastic free and breathable. It feels like a second skin, making it perfect for yoga, Pilates or any workout that requires stretch and movement.

Teeki is a brand that is taking athleisure to the next level, but also highlighting the importance of sustainability. They cater to the women who dance to a different beat, stretch with the yogis, run to the highest peaks, hike in unexplored territories, and swim where the ocean becomes one. The truly embody the idea of transformation by taking water bottles and turning them into clothes. This process gives them purpose again through an eco-friendly process.

Peggy Moffit is another amazing athletic wear brand that is bringing a lot of sass and fashion to the function of fitness. Taking traditional cuts and switching it up with open backs, curved drop tail hems to deliver extra coverage, or laser-cut venting to get rid of sweat, creative and artful designs offer a fresh perspective. Named after it's pioneering designer, the Moffit brand is as fun and daring as Peggy. She's infamous for the photograph of her wearing Gernreich’s new “monokini” bathing suit in Women’s Wear Daily.

Today, you'll find Peggy creating and leaving her legacy through the Peggy Moffitt Athleisure Brand in conjunction with Los Angeles based Creative Director, Arina  Gasanova. The brand offers high quality products and innovative design at great prices. Cut with a high waist and compression type material, the Josie Basic Legging, pulls and lifts in all the right places. The Tiffiany mesh back tank is truly business up front and a party in back featuring a full mesh peekaboo backside. The fabric helps to wick moisture away from the body keeping you cool and fresh. These are great to transition from being workout wear to leisure wear that can be worn to make a statement during girls night out. The Serena running shorts are also a great option for Bikram Yoga. The dry-fit fabric moves sweat away from the body and to the fabric surface, where it evaporates.

Leggings have really seen an evolution over the last few years. From sheer stretch fabric to innovative dry fit, compression styles that leave the wearer feeling great about their bodies, the options are so much better than in the past. Crane and Lion truly works to meld fashion and fitness in their product line. As a brand, they focus on creating products that you can add to your wardrobes that are able to transition with you throughout any kind of day. Whether you are hiking Runyon Canyon, running down Lakeshore Drive or chilling out at home, their easy styles do double duty.

Their Original tights in marlin are by and large some of the most flattering leggings on the market. Designed with a higher waist and back-side seam along with fabric that is just thick enough to keep everything in place, the leggings look amazing. The waistband features a hidden pocket and  the CoolMax® crotch gusset allows for breathability in areas that need it the most. These are great leggings to run in as they give you enough coverage to keep you confident, but are still breathable so that you don't feel suffocated.

An indie line that has withstood the test of time and stayed true to their roots, the brand is based out of Boston, MA and focuses on offering women sophisticated and resilient clothing that they can experience life in. Their name derives from the Crane & the Lion poses in yoga. The crane is a pose that requires strength and stamina. It inspires them to take risks and find their edge. The lion is a breathing exercise that helps one relax and relieve tension and strain. The juxtaposition of the two poses reflects how the founders of the company chose to live their lives: some days they want to push the limit and other days, they need to recover. This is the lifestyle they hope their customers can embody as well.

As the fitness industry continues to evolve, so does athleticwear. Each of these brands offers a unique take and perspective on fashion and fitness. Yet, as the athleisure trend continues to grow - innovative brands take on the challenge of finding ways to ensure that their garments can be utilized in the gym as well as out of it. Teeki, Peggy Moffit and Crane & Lion are 3 brands that offer chic and casual workout wear that are must haves for your summer athletic wardrobe. Check them out online today!

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