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An Interview with Horse Thief

Saturday, June 25, 2016 Kathleen Lieffers

This psychedelic folk rock band originally from Denton, Texas isn't going to stop surprising their fans with their ever-growing tunes. Horse Thief combines beautiful melodic moments with harmonious havoc to create a truly unique and addictive sound. The band's singer and songwriter Cameron Neal writes about varying subjects from love to addiction that keep the attention of all kinds of audiences. With the release of a new single entitled 'Drowsy' last month, fans are left begging for more. 

The band's recent release of a new single entitled 'Drowsy' deals with the other side of addiction that is often overlooked and misunderstood. I found this concept enticing when approaching the song for a listen. After listening, I was blown away and quite frankly excited for more. I was given the opportunity to interview the band on their origins, their music, and their future album release planned for later this year.

Kathleen: How did you guys first get started in music?

Horse Thief: We all met each other around 3 years ago mostly through attending ACM@UCO and playing shows around Oklahoma City with each other's bands. Wasn’t till about a year or so after we knew each other to make the move to play together. Cody, our bassist, and I (Cameron Neal) have been playing together for almost 9 years. Playing shows around Dallas and Denton since we were 15 years old.

K: Wow, so the music goes back pretty far. Who are some of your musical influences?

HT: Influences flow all over the place in the band, everybody draws from different places yet at the same time we have a lot of the same interests. The music in the van on tour is always cycling. Some favorites being “Fragile” by Yes and John Scofields “ A Go Go” and of course many other classics from the 1960-70s

K: Very cool. So, what is something you want people to get out of your music?

HT: The main goal is just to share our music that we enjoy playing with as many people as possible. We hope people get lost in our show just as much as we do. Lyrically and musically I feel like we want to give people peace and calming aspect that we get out of the songs we write. When we are all playing it feels like we go into a different world from our everyday lives, we hope to give people that escape as well.

K: What is one of the best shows Horse Thief has played? Why?

HT: Picking a specific show is probably almost impossible. Weve experienced so many different crowds and venues and all are unique in their own way. Playing live is probably our favorite thing to do, for several reasons. It’s a thrill you don’t get in the studio or when writing the songs. Everywhere feels different and crowds reactions are never the same, that’s why touring for us is always an exciting part of the process. Inspires us in other ways we don’t get at home.

K: I'm sure it is extremely inspiring. When discussing the new single 'Drowsy,' Cameron Neal stated that it was written to tell the other side of the story in regard to addiction. Is this something that Cameron was close to or experienced with a loved one? 

HT: Yes, this is something we’ve seen go on with a few of our close friends. The lyrics were written while going through a tough time with all of them and were meant to be an awakening to other people that might be questioning using or people that have gone through similar situations.

K: Is this idea of addiction and the different aspects of addiction going to be a theme in the new album?

HT: It’s a theme of the album but the whole record doesn’t focus on this. There are a few different themes throughout the records that kind of all tie together and overall it’s a record about losing and learning in your early years, as a band and as a person.

K: That sounds like a very inspiring album. What is in the future for Horse Thief and what goals do you hope to accomplish? 

HT: Writing, recording and touring without having to work day jobs. That’s all we really want is to be able to live off of the music we live and make it a full time job. Lots of touring and festivals on the horizon for us and all we can do right now is continue to write and focus on our sound and where we want to be in a year. Focus on the present as much as we can without getting lost in the future. 

K: Ha. I hear you on the day jobs 100%. That's a great focus to have and I hope you make those tours come to Chicago. Thanks for talking with me and best of luck!

Horse Thief has music available on Soundcloud and YouTube. Fans can also check out Horse Thief on their website. They have tour datesmedia, and more. I would also recommend listening to their new single 'Drowsy' here and start getting pumped for their new album to be released on Bella Union later in 2016. Also, one of my favorites by Horse Thief is available here

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