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Sugarfina: Welcome to Chicago ♡

Wednesday, May 04, 2016 FashionablyDesired

The midwest just got a little bit sweeter. Sugarfina just launched in the Oakbrook Center in the beginning of April, let's welcome them to the Chicago area! So to celebrate this sweet new opening of this luxury candy shop, Sugarfina had a private event in Oakbrook April 21st, 2016. Of course being the candy lover that I am, I was extremely excited about attending this event, and finding out what Sugarfina is all about.

Sugarfina opened it's doors to the Oakbrook center April 8th, 2016.

Coming inside I was immediately drawn in to how visually appealing and yummy everything looked. Champagne and Sparkling water were the drinks of choice offered to us upon entering to sip while taste testing out all of the delicious treats surrounding us. There were many samples of candies offered and I can reassure you that everthing tastes as good as it looks.

The Sugarfina store Features ♡ :

“Design Your Own Bento Box” Wall: Guests can select an empty 8-piece, 4-piece, & 3-piece Bento Box and build their own gift box from the wall of 125+ Lucite candy cubes. More than 2 billion custom bento box creations are possible.

Top Shelf Candies: One area of the store is dedicated to "top shelf" candies -- exotic offerings from around the world such as Raindrops & Roses from Italy, Kyoto Blossoms from Japan, and interlocking chocolate wedding rings from Greece. Each candy will have its story featured alongside it in a beautiful display.

In-Store Sampling: Sugarfina associates offer two complimentary daily samples. 

Candy Labeling: There will be an icon-based program that identifies which candies are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, fat-free, kosher, dairy, and all-natural.

Candy Concierge: The Sugarfina Candy Concierge will provide a wide range of services, such as custom and corporate gifts, private events, dessert bars, candy tastings and even marriage proposals. Guests may book an in-person appointment by calling 1-855-SUGARFINA or emailing

With Mother's Day approaching this would be a perfect gift idea. You can give your Mom all her favorites in one displayed in a cute way until she finishes them all.

I was also given the chance to mingle and mix a bit with founders of this sweet brand Rosie and Josh and find out a bit more about them, who they were and learn more about what made them launch Sugarfina. Sweethearts Rosie O'neil and Josh Resnick have dreamed of opening their own luxury candy boutique ever since their third date a screening of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. The couple fell in love over the unique and delicious candies they tasted while traveling and were inspired bring a new concept in gourmet candy to the United States. Both having personally taste-tested thousands of candies from dozens of countries. Rosie and Josh are both definitely "Candy Connoisseurs" and they have every kid's dream job, I mean I'm 23 and they for sure have my dream job!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, I've already been back to Sugarfina twice since visiting the first time, so don't forget to make your way to Sugarfina Oakbrook you'll be addicted like I have become.

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