Mother's Day Style Guide

This Sunday is Mother's Day. Whether you're a mom looking for some outfit inspiration or you are looking for some great looks to get your mom, look no further. This weeks style guide has 3 looks that take you from chasing the kiddos to browsing the french market to a night out with that special someone. 

Moms are truly multi-faceted. Often we can get caught in the hubbub of every day life that we forget to take a moment for ourselves. There is constant stress to get it right all the time, but the reality is that as a mom we will mess up often. Mothers in this world - we need to learn to relish in the mistakes and not criticize ourselves so harshly. An article on explains, "Women often feel guilty about taking time for themselves, says psychiatrist and TODAY contributor Dr. Gail Saltz."

“There is some maternal ideal of being self-sacrificing that just isn’t consistent with having time for yourself,” she said.

The key, says Saltz, is for women to recognize the difference between being selfish in a bad way and being selfish in a healthy way.

“You have to put on your oxygen mask first,” she says. “If you go to pieces, everyone is going down with you. So you have to give time to yourself. That is healthy, not selfish or narcissistic. That is a tough concept for a lot of women.”

The reality is that no day is ever perfect, but finding just a moment to decompress or a moment to make yourself feel good is important to the overall health of a mom. Even adding just 15 minutes a day of meditation, relaxation or anything that makes you happy can be helpful.

This style guide is a great way to kickstart giving mom a little TLC. More often than not, moms don't always have to time look put together, but let's change that. Who says you can't look and feel good while still being a mom? It's all about simple pieces that are easy to wear. This round up features two fun brands: Voodoo Vixen & Kellner along with 3 looks that can take mom from work to after school activities and to a girls night out.

It's funny looking back at these photos, I had these grandiose goals of how I had planned this shoot. Yet, motherhood got the best of me. Despite my well planned goals to shoot this on location at one of our local gorgeous gardens - things didn't happen that way! When it's just me running the show, mom duty called and I had to make things work the week this feature was coordinated. Shooting in our home studio, after the day at the office, ended up working out the best. I was able to tend to toddler tantrums, my needy pittie Ellie and homework duty with my eldest. All the while practicing my "Tyra Schmyze" and applying makeup to make sure I looked somewhat presentable. Just keeping it real my friends!

Usually, our editorial shoots are coordinated with a team of people (myself, our photographers, stylist assistants to help me out, a makeup/hair team and our model team). As the Creative Director behind the Halfstack Shoots, I am usually the one pitching boutiques for pulls, putting the looks together, coordinating the locations and managing our shoots. I dress everyone else, but me. Typically, I'll be dressed in all black, ready to conquer the creative world, with my hair in a bun. Yet, for this mom style feature I wanted to do something a little more personal. I figured I would do a personal style shoot and showcase looks I might style for myself. Fun, simple yet chic looks that are easy to wear, but leave you feeling stunning.

First up, I wanted a look that I could take from the office to running around after my toddler while I take my eight year old to all of her after school activities. With the simple switch of a pair of heels for a pair of flats, this look keeps me comfortable, but gives off a lovely feminine vibe. I love dressing up and when I can do it in a way that's comfortable, it's an added bonus. I paired this beautiful Kellner "Intense Botanic" skirt with a simple knit long sleeve scoop neck top, topped it off with a medallion  necklace and some simple pumps. Just switch out a pair of sandals or flats for a more comfortable option.

Kellner is a brand that truly focuses on the beauty of fit for the female form. What I like best about this skirt is that it hits at that perfect high waisted spot that is oh-so forgiving of the middle torso! Kellner is truly beautifully curated with gorgeous textiles and prints that pull inspiration from nature. Each hand drawn print is exclusive to the line. The focus for this most recent collection is an edited assortment of skirts. True mid-length skirts that fall to the slimmest part of a woman’s leg and leave you feeling classy and sassy. Long lengths and yards of Italian textiles provide a truly luxurious and feminine style. Made of cotton twill and Tencel, these styles hold their own shape without the need for crinoline or layers. Styling tips to keep in mind for this look are to pair a simple top when showcasing a statement piece such as this skirt and high waisted skirts are a moms best friend. They truly are forgiving and create a beautifully flattering shape.

This next look is perfect for the farmers market and it features Voodoo Vixen, a London based vintage inspired brand that fuses retro, Rockabilly and pin up style with classic silhouettes. The "Chelsea" dress is the perfect look for the mom who loves Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe. The cut of the dress is incredibly flattering and the lightweight cotton is perfect for those warm summer months. Voodoo Vixen is based in East London, but is designed by their in-house design team based in both Los Angeles and London.

Although many of the looks are inspired by the retro styles of the past, the team always adds a modern edge through fabrication, custom printed textiles, cut and overall fit. The best part about Voodoo Vixen is that they don't shy away from curves. They have a gorgeous plus size collection: Vixen Curve that features great pieces meant to accentuate and highlight all the right places. The collection ranges from dresses, tops, bottoms, cardigans and accessories. Styling tips to keep in mind when putting together  a look like this - focus on cut and proper fit. Measure out your waist, bust and hips and utilize those measurements to select pieces that fit properly. A full circle skirt always does a body good - it flares out in just the right places. Have fun with print! The peach gingham featured in  the "Chelsea" dress is playful and feels summery! Finally, the gorgeous high neck and bow tie closure are statements - so keep  the jewelry and hair simple.

Ellie the rescue pittie making her editorial debut

This final look, also from Voodoo Vixen, is perfect for a night out - either with that special someone or a group of all your lady friends! The dress itself is a statement making look. The gorgeous print on the Kaylynne dress is a show-stopper.

Sophie wanted to take pictures too!

It features the exclusive custom "painted peacock" print and the colors are vibrant! The pinup style of the dress showcases curves for days. I paired this piece with a simple black belt to help cinch in the waist a bit to add to the hour glass effect and paired it with retro inspired t-strap wedges. Some styling tips to keep in mind for this look: add a belt to define your waist, it can help break up a strong pattern and showcase the slimmest part of your body. Also, a fun retro inspired finger wave is a great hair style to pair with this look. This is a great video tutorial!

I hope you all enjoyed this Style Guide and found the tips useful. I also hope this showcased that despite a pretty picture, not everything that glitters is gold! It's ok to appreciate the messes, the rescheduling and the "making it work" that we have to do. To all you mommas out there (the working moms, stay at home moms, the single moms and moms who just need a moment to breath) - I wish you all a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. Remember, find some time for yourself and don't forget, if you don't take care of you, who will?! 
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