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Halfstack Highlights Ep. 41: Meet Wurkinstiffs

Friday, May 20, 2016 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Hey everyone! It’s Jen Lezan – editor in chief of Halfstack – I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the season of Halfstack Highlights so far. In today’s episode of Halfstack Highlights – I had the opportunity to speak to the founder of Wurkin Stiffs: Jonathan Boos. Wurkin Stiffs is a menswear accessories brand that launched with the idea of a magnetic collar stay, got a big break on the show The Big idea 8 years ago, landed some time on Shark Tank  and has leveraged its opportunities so well that they are in major retailers like Saks and Nordrstom. Jon is seriously a funny guy and I had so much fun talking with him about his journey building a brand with is wife, what it was like going all in, the way he landed on reality tv and so much more.

Würkin Stiffs is infamous for keeping your collar standing tall (both blue and white). They are a brand that takes pride in making a product better through design. The founder, Jon Boos felt that there was a void in the men's industry, with a huge gap between fashion and function. He set out to fill that void and 10 years later, his little brand is growing incredibly making a big impact on the industry. Their mission is to always stay würkin and build a bridge to bring those two worlds together for the Everyday Man.

As a brand - they take their business very serious... Yet, after talking with Jon throughout this podcast - it seems they don't take themselves too seriously. Finding humor along the journey of starting a business, is an important part of the job. Through the ups and downs, finding a bright spot will keep you forging ahead as you follow your goals. Jon truly found a way to find joy in his experiences. By combining his business sense, work ethics, love for product design and packing - he created a brand that is fun, functional and is packaged in a way that you'll cry just a little if you throw it away.

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When it comes to menswear - things don't change all that drastically. Yet, finding ways to keep a guy feeling fresh and looking crisp is a surefire way to up the style-o-meter. Collar stays,  a slick wallet, a functional bag that looks badass and cuff links that add just the right amount of bling are all small ways to create a suave look. A guy with cuff links means business. A guy whose collar won't stay down, looks like he is going to fly away. When you put just the slightest bit of effort into your appearance, it can make all the difference. Yet, Wurkinstiffs ensures you only have to put minimal effort to receive maximum benefits.

The brand is best known for their power stays. These nifty little collar stays pack a huge punch in such a small package. Their patented Power Stays will tame those collars and give you the freedom to position them just right no matter how unruly the collar. It's a simple yet ingenious little product they've worked hard to develop and patent. The stays are simple to use - Just slip the stays into your collar. Then, insert the super strong magnets under your shirt. Finally, all you need to do is position the collar to whatever position you'd like and you are good to go! Check out the video below for a full tutorial! Seeing is believing.

I hope you enjoyed this latest episode! If you want to learn more about Wurkinstiffs– check them out online at where you can find the latest product line, connect with them on social media and of course make a purchase! Check back next month for our Father's Day Gift Guide featuring Wurkinstiffs and some other brands dad is sure to love!  

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