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Flywheel - the New Sensation in Fitness

Thursday, May 05, 2016 Elaine Rau

I had no idea what Flywheel was until a few days ago when I tried it for myself. It is a new form of group exercise that is creating a huge dent in the fitness world because of its effectiveness and how fun it is! It involves a stationary bike, a certified fitness expert operating as your class instructor and... a lot of sweat. We are giving away 1 FREE ticket to try out this class, keep scrolling for details. 

The first thing that happens when you walk through the doors is you get your complimentary shoes that help you latch on to the foot pedal of the bike so your foot doesn't slip off. The second thing you do is put your stuff away in the provided lockers - remember to leave your cellphone in there to unplug yourself and focus on the workout. There won't be time to look at your phone anyway. As I walked into the class I had one of the Flywheel employees help me get on my bike and help adjust it for me according to my height. As the class began, our instructor Alicia Miller, dimmed the lights so that all you could focus on was her voice, the beat, and the workout. Check her out below, she is super awesome:

During the workout Alicia would play various songs and we would have to ride to the beat. Because of this, you don't realize how hard you are actually working out because your attention is on other things such as keeping up with her instructions because she changes the speed and torq (the blue knob that adjusts resistance) constantly for a more effective workout. Initially, I was a bit intimidated when I first walked into the Flywheel doors in Old Town because everyone seemed to know one another, however, I realized after the class that the whole experience of sharing space with strangers and creating shared memories really bonds you to one another and by the end I had made several new friends! I would definitely recommend to try Flywheel at least once, they currently have a special deal on Gilt City and you can check it out here: If you take pictures remember to tag them with #loveyourcitymore and #bloggersnevercoat and #poweryourlife. Follow Flywheel on Instagram @flywheelsports and if you have any questions feel free to email

We are giving away 1 FREE ticket to a Flywheel class for you to check it out, you can win if you like this post AND share it! The winner will be selected according to the greatest amount of likes on their shared post by May 31st at midnight CST. Good luck :) 

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