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Fashion At the Airport Spring 2016

Thursday, May 19, 2016 Hiral Lloyd-Jones

A fashion show organised by Exceptional Events' Shuki Moran took place on the 23rd of April, the proceeds from which benefited The Fox Valley Food for Health (FVFH). The event took place in a hangar at Dupage Airport belonging to Illinois Aviation Academy.

The event screamed "Class" which is what Shuki is all about. He knows how to entertain and that he did. Upon arrival guests were escorted into the hangar on a red carpet, once inside they were taken away into an evening full of glitz and glamour. A WWII fighter plane was the main attraction with several other planes dotted around. As the evening got started guests were entertained by teen musicians who are volunteers at FVFH. The food was provided by FVFH also and was a tapas style menu where guests got to try out a little bit of everything they had to offer. The food was based around FVFH's core beliefs of clean eating. As the evening rolled on guests were then seated around the dazzling catwalk.


The fashion show featured many Geneva, Illinois businesses. The most exciting ones being Jenny 
McCarthy Wahlberg showcasing her new fashion line and Chef Alain Roby's (All Chocolate Kitchen) design. Mrs. Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg's line had an onyx color theme, the designs featured a lot of draping, the show stopper being a high low gathered leather eyelet dress.
Chef Alain Roby most definitely wowed the audience with his all chocolate couture. The dress was assembled onsite but to top it off the model was further accessorized with all chocolate crown, jewelry and stockings. Due to the delicate nature of this piece the wearer had to be very cautious in her movement.

Other featured businesses on the runway were C'est La Vie by Sylvie, Jane Pabone Boutique, Katrina Salon and Spa, Men's Wearhouse, State Street Jewelers and Veiled In Elegance.
After the glamorous fashion show the crowd boogied the night away to upbeat dance music where the positive vibe was accented by aerial dancers.

It was truly amazing to witness how a community of businesses joined hands to put together such a fantastic event to benefit a local charity. A charity that not only helps out families going through a serious illness by providing them with meals but they also impact the lives of their teen volunteers who receive training in cooking gardening and nutrition.

The mastermind behind the event Shuki Moran is no stranger to the fashion world. When he began his career as a fashion designer he organized his own clothing launch parties and realized his passion for event design and production. The events he plans and produces have the intention of taking the guest on an exciting journey. To experience a night like this in the future keep an eye out in our magazine.   

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