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Clinique's Lip Pop, Pop Star Food Truck ♡

Sunday, May 22, 2016 FashionablyDesired

Clinique's "Lip Pop, Pop Star Food Truck" just hit it's second stop in the Chicago this past weekend. I was super excited to go and checkout what this new "Lip Pop" Collection was all about. Also can we just talk about how cute this truck is , I seriously love it!

Chicago's Very Own Blue Plate, gave guests the choice to indulge in their choice of sweet and savory gourmet popcorn which was inspired by Clinique's new Lip Pop Colour Collection. Here's some photo's of some of the new lipsticks the new "Lip Pop" Collection offers.

The Popcorn Flavors offered were ( I have pictured the pink popcorn, super yummy btw)!

♡ Pink Cotton Candy - inspired by Bubblegum Pop

♡ Birthday Cake - inspired by Sprinkle Pop

♡ Confetti - inspired by Happy Pop

♡ Strawberry Cheesecake - inspired by Sweetie Pop

I will be posting a really fun video very soon with the new #PlayWithPop Clinique products, so make sure you guys are subscribed to our blog and youtube channel so you don't miss this post! I'll give you a small spoiler it has to do with a bunch of new products just launched from Clinique and they will be showcased in a very special way!

I also forgot to mention there was a super cute GIF photo booth! I look crazy in all of the photo's I was too busy laughing at my friend Ashley who is super photogenic!

I played around with a lot of the lipsticks, and they are super pigmented, creamy and opaque! There were so many colors to choose from and I personally enjoy getting the chance to play around with lipsticks and trying them on to make sure that I like the way they feel on the lips! Make sure you guys are following @Clinque on Instagram to see if the "Lip Pop, Pop Star Food Truck" will be in your town! 

What have you tried below from this line? What stood out to you? I love testing out new makeup products, but lip products are some of my favorite things in the world! Leave your comments below and let's have some makeup talk, I know I can't be the only makeup junkie out here right?! ♡

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