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Backstage with Lela Rose

Sunday, May 08, 2016 Jen Lezan

Lela Rose took us backstage at her Bridal FW ‘16 runway show this past April, giving us time to talk with makeup specialist, Romy Soleimani, nail connoisseur, Gerry Holford and hair expert, Jennifer Yepez about their beauty looks.

Romy Soleimani explained the look she used on the models, going through both WEI and IT Cosmetics products that she used to create the elegant and simplistic bridal beauty look. Soleimani started out by using the WEI skincare products, including the Perfect Radiance Pudding Cream, that kept the models skin smooth and radiant. Soleimani also expressed her love for WEI’s new spray that turns ozone into oxygen. “It sounds like anti-pollution spray or something that sounds amazing” Soleimani said while showing off the bottle, “I think I need a lot of it in my kit and in my life.”

Soleimani then went into the IT Cosmetic products that she used to create the rest of the look after taking care of and brightening up the model’s skin. “So after that [WEI skin care] we’re going into a nude glow”, she said, “typically you see a blushing bride and she’s really pinky and we know what that looks like. This is more of a nude glow, which I think looks really fresh and modern and would work on anyone.” Soleimani mastered this fresh look by using IT Cosmetics bronzers, explaining that you can do anything with them and referring to them as a “one-stop shopping in your bag” that flatter anyone. 

To finish off the look, she decided to go with silver eyeliner, which is what made this look bold and unusual compared to what we normally expect a bride’s makeup to look like. “We wanted to keep it kind of fresh and interesting. You know, you go to a million bridal presentations and we just wanted to give it a different edge; an edge to the collection”. Lela Rose had a lot of silver embellishment and strong lines within her collection and Soleimani wanted to bring out these details through the makeup she used on the models.

Next stop was nails with Gerry Holford, who showed us how to master a basic nail by keeping it clean and classy. She used a shear pink called Princess Awaits by Londontown and applied it onto the model’s nails with one easy coat. She then applied a gel topcoat that made the nail a little bit shiny, followed by the Quick Dry Gloss for a clean finish. “This is something that any bride can sort of DIY at home”, Holford said, “In any of her light pink shades, she can drop a tiny bit of glitter and it’s really something any at home bride can do.” 

Jennifer Yepez finished up the look by showing us step-by-step how she created a modern, classy braided hairstyle for the models. She started out by prepping the models hair with Macadamia Professional Volumizing Mousse and then applying the Tousle Texture Spray, also by Macadamia Professional. This was to give the hair some grip for the braids, making it thicker and giving it more texture. Yepez also explained that any bride with short hair could easily put in some clip-on extensions to give her hair more volume and length to complete the look. The look consisted of four braids, two in the back twisting together to make a bun and two in the front that wrapped around the bun. 

When asked if braids were becoming a popular trend, Yepez answered, “Absolutely. I feel like every time you see a girl on the runway or on the red carpet, everyone always introduces a braid.” These wise words from Yepez seem to be true, as celebrities hit the red carpet this past awards season with different interpretations of the classic braid. “I think you can do different types of styles”, said Yepez, “For me, I love this look. Especially for girls in the middle east, they would probably love this and it’s also perfect for any destination wedding.”

What’s so great about all of these beauty tips is that not only can brides use them for their big day, but also any young woman could use these tips and give their own spin on them. Whether it’s a night out with the girls, or an elegant dinner or event, these looks can be styled and tweaked to work for any occasion.  You can also download our hair and nail tip sheet from the Lela Rose glamsquad HERE.

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