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Argo Tea: I gave Matcha a Shot!

Wednesday, May 04, 2016 Nicole Styles

Hi, Everyone! I don't know if  I told you guys that I love food. I love trying new restaurants and cuisine! I'm such a foodie at heart! Lately, because of work and school, I have been  drinking so much coffee that it actually starting to burn me out. I get a caffeine high and I come crashing down, in the middle of class! So I tried to stop drinking it but that hasn't worked, it just makes me even more tired. Then recently, I went back into the world of tea. I found my way into Argo Tea and tried their Matcha Shot and it was AMAZING.

Preparing the Matcha Shot

Think of a Matcha Shot as the expresso of tea. It has the equivalent of 1/4 of a cup of coffee. It has a bold flavor, similar to Starbucks dark roasts, but gives you the kick you need without crashing through the middle of the day. The video above shows you exactly how is made and prepared for you. (you would get it in a mug not cup like I did). The best part about this drink, and all of the drinks at Argo Tea,  that everything is organic.

Guess What! You can even make this at home! Argo Tea sells the Ceremonial Matcha Set, online and in store, so you can enjoy the drink where ever you go. All in All, I found a good substitute for my early-morning-coffee or drink to get me through the end of the day.

Side Note: I have a funny story to tell you guys while I in Argo Tea. I was talking to one of Argo Tea's employees about tea, in general, and she mentioned bubble tea. Ok, I know I'm a little behind that bandwagon but I have never tried bubble tea! I hear about it every day and it looks like everyone loves it. So I asked her what it was and if I could try one. She let me try Argo Tea's Green Tea Rasberry Bubble Tea. OMG, I nearly cried! It was sooooo good! I was missing out this whole time! Thier bubble tea was nice, sweet, and refreshing. The perfect drink from Summer! I definitely have to go back and grab another one and you guys should too!

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