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Woah! That's a lof of stuff...

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 Michelle Landriault

I'm a shopaholic and I'm not afraid to admit it. Honestly, my shopping cart and wishlist is full again with items that I want to buy. With this whole Sephora 15% off sale for Vib's, and the QVC deals all the time its no wonder I'm broke.

Here is my massive haul video, I feel like there was more in here... but now that I watch it there isn't too much right? If you see anything you want in this haul today is the last day for Sephora Sales so go pick it up now and use code BINOTE for 10% or VIBNOTE for 15% off your order. Hurry sales will be over soon!

If you're interested in some of these awesome QVC items, they don't always have the items on the "easy pay" option, but you can do what I did and apply for the Qcard here. If you get the Qcard you have the Easy Pay option on everything girllllll. What's easy pay? Basically they break up the product amount and bill it to you over time. So, if its $60.00 it would be 5 payments of $12.00 rather than paying the whole $60 smack-a-roo's right there.

*Disclaimer: I'm not advocating for credit card debt, and I'm not a QVC affiliate these are not affiliate links, I just truly am a Shop-a-holic baby. 

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