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What about your desires? Yah, you are worth them.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 Jen Gordon

I think one of the biggest challenges we face as humans is struggling with our own self-worth. We give ourselves such a hard time. We are our biggest critic. It seems innocent to drive yourself with such a critical voice and such a commitment to prove yourself. But for what?

Do you realize your worth comes from nothing you do? You simply are enough being you.

You might be asking what self-worth has to do with your desires. Not realizing that they are completely connected.  Let me explain…

If you are so busy in the world trying to convince yourself and others that you are enough and don’t understand and see your own value. You are likely going to look right past your true desires because you are going to be working so hard trying to impress upon others your worth.

Your true desires come from deep within and were programmed there to guide you. They are the tuggings on your heart, calling you when you think no one else is looking. Typically we look at our desires after doing all of the "real" work and completing all of the tasks in our busy day. Not realizing that our desires are truly who and what we are supposed to be focused on and working toward all day. They are your life’s plan.

We think, “how could we be worthy of our deepest desires, that is crazy. Life is supposed to be hard, life is supposed to be a struggle, and how could I possibly make a living just being me? How could I have a lifestyle that I totally desire, that is only for the lucky people? I am not supposed to have it that easy. After all, I have all this work to do.”

Well friends, the work can be and usually is self-imposed. There is no “thing” you have to do to prove yourself. The only thing you need to do is allow your desires to express themselves through you. Sounds easy, but it requires a level of honesty, comfort and acceptance that you are more than enough with nothing to prove.

Your desires are God, the universe, the source of all energy and good, longing to express itself through you.

Being wealthy, happy and fulfilled is the highest expression of love. How else can you allow the universe to express through you? If you are mostly depleted doing work that is not meaningful, you won’t be able to show up in the grandeur that you were meant to.

This life was not meant to be a struggle. It is okay to “do You” in the world and be you and live the desires stirring in your heart. It can be effortless.

Think as big as you can for yourself, believe that it can be yours and begin aligning your life with your new expectations of what you can have and what you can be.

You are worth it.

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