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Two Creative Incubators Collaborate to Co-Produce CIMMcom, the Midwest's Premiere Film, Music, and Tech Conference

Sunday, April 10, 2016 Louis Vasseur

I have long loved the creative side of Chicago.  Whether it is music, theater, comedy film,, or fashion, the City with Big Shoulders is one of the creative hubs of the world, although it is often overlooked in conversations about other creative centers.  After years of walking Chicago's creative halls, one constant I have observed is the willingness for artists to collaborate with other creatives.  This is a phenomenon that you don't often experience when working on "the coasts" but it is standard practice here.   Chicago creatives understand that by working together the ultimate creative result is greater than the sum of its parts.

The latest of these creative collaborations is between 2112, Inc., Chicago's new creative incubator space that is part of the impressive Ft. Knox Studios complex, and Stage 18 Chicago, a not-for-profit entertainment incubator and development lab.  These two creative incubators have joined forces to co-produce CIMMcon, the Midwest's premiere film, music, and tech conference that is part of the highly successful Chicago International Music and Film Festival (CIMMFest).  South side - North Side, music/tech - film/tech.  This is an example of Chicago's creative side at its finest.

CIMMcom will be two days of panels, workshops, networking, and discussions led by some of the best and brightest minds in entertainment, media arts, and technology.  "One of our goals with partnering to put together CIMMcon is to provide an opportunity to bring creative people together," said Scott Fetters, 2112, Inc.'s Executive Director.  Presenters include world renowned producer Butch Vig (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Gish), SubPop co-founder Bruce Pavitt. Martin Atkins (P.i.L., Ministry, Pigface) and others.  Topics will include film & music business; drone filmmaking; composing music for film; 3D projection mapping; transmedia development; and arts & activism. 

"There are so many good things happening here in Chicago creatively," explains Fetters.  "CIMMcon gives us a chance to celebrate everything that is going on and then come away with a vision of what can happen in the future."  Stage 18 Chicago's Executive Director, Angie Gaffney, echoes this sentiment.   "We wanted to bring people together and help them innovate and be creative.  CIMMcon is the only conference of its type in the Midwest.  The collaboration between Stage 18 Chicago and 2112, Inc. to put this conference together is a great example of how successful this model can be."

CIMMcon takes place April 16-17 from 9 am -  6 pm at venues located in Logan Square, running along a two block stretch of Milwaukee Avenue.  The venues include:  Emporium Arcade Bar; The Radler; Chicago Distilling Co.; East Room; The Whistler; and Gallerie F.  For more information and admission passes, check out www.cimmfest.org.

To learn more about Chicago's two creative industry incubators, visit their websites at www.2112inc.com and www.stage18chicago.com.

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