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Travel With @Fashionablydesired: California - Birthday Trip

Sunday, April 24, 2016 FashionablyDesired

Oh California, I remember a few years back only dreaming of being able to go to California one day. So most of you probably thinking well why don't you just go!? Well it's not that easy . . . I'm in school and working, as well as we all know your average working college student does not always have the luxury of traveling. Once I got everything planned for this trip I knew that I needed to VLOG this experience, so I wanted to take everyone along with me during my trip and my first time in California. I broke my trip up into two parts, before and after my birthday! I stayed in California a total of 9 days and it was absolutely amazing.

I took so many photo's during my trip, so yes everything posted here are photos taken by me! California is absolutely breathtaking and I was just so amazed , I'm also sort of obsessed with Palm Tree's.  I wish I could bring one back to Illinois and plant one right in my front yard! Here I will link both parts of my VLOG 1 and 2! Below I'll have some pictures I took during my trip!

Here's Part 1 -

Here's Part 2 -

Here is a little back story of what was the big push to finally get me up and going and planning. In the end of the year last year while talking to my best friend Cortnee I realized I had not seen her in four years! We talked about how I should come down for my birthday and at first it was all a joke until I got serious about it and bam, Your in Hollywood! No seriously it was all talk and then it kind of just happened, well I started saving money here and there because I've wanted to go to California ever since I was a kid and I never got the chance to. 

Food places in Cali are also amazing, I feel like I ate so much during my trip but I'm on Vacation so why not right? I went to so many places I can't even tell you what my favorite place was lol here's some photo's of just a few places I really enjoyed! 

I didn't wanna give everything away to take away from the VLOG, but here are some great pictures I took to give you and idea of what to expect from the VLOG!

I hope you guys enjoyed my VLOG'S as well as a few photo's I took! California was amazing and I am already planning on going back before summer ends! Thanks for checking out this post! 

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