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Travel Vibes For Your Home

Saturday, April 02, 2016 Olivia Lemley

When THIS arrives at your doorstep, you can assume your day will be filled with nothing but smiles.

First things first...
Millennials: The Greatest Target Market
               Priorities: food, technology, and traveling

At least that's what most of their pay checks goes toward. As a Millenial myself, I find traveling the most important; past generations weren't necessarily focused on sight-seeing trips, and they aren't known to necessarily be the most open minded. For this, Millennials are an exciting generation. More about this generation? They are accepting of different cultures, interested in eco-friendly products, and when it comes to making a purchase, they prefer function over high status brands...they do NOT like being a walking advertisement (sorry, Abercrombie). I introduce you to a brand that seems to have hit their target market head on...
"bunglo is an Austin, TX based design studio + brand focused on eclectic, one-of-a-kind fabric patterns and art inspired by nature, mid-century architecture and adventures."

Shay Spaniola is the artist and designer behind the scenes that has tied her curiosity in with her careerbringing you bunglo. She traveled across the world and became in touch with various cultures and drew her to a diverse color palette for her designs.
Spicing up your home has never been so fun now that bunglo has your back. With patterns that represent beauty from around the world, refresh your guests with a living room that speaks for itself. 

Veering away from bunglo's great house-warming giftsbedding, pillows, and shower curtainsthey also carry pouches to die for. From the Everyday Pouches to Mini Pouches, I have found these to be great as make up bags, pencil cases, jewelry bags, traveling kits, or even little wallets for cards and cash. Colorful and fun as they are, these are practical products that are made from quality fabrics to assure a long lifespan.

"Before bunglo, Shay specialized in sharing artisan stories around the globe through photographs and films. From Africa to Asia, she's dedicated to expanding bunglo's collection by collaboration with global artisans every season. Stay tuned for woven home goods from Guatemala launching this winter!"

These are products that can definitely set the mood of the room, so if you're looking for cool, calm and collected, bunglo is a go! If you're looking for vibrant, exciting and energetic, bunglo is (again) a go! Shop here for great buys.

Start planning an adventure for this summer to see some culture yourself—it's never too late.

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