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Thick Girl Pride

Friday, April 15, 2016 Nicole Styles

For all my women bigger than a size 8, I want to tell you, personally , that I think you are some of the most beautiful women I know (even if we haven't met yet) and you can wear anything you want. Never say you can wear anything because of your curves. Trust me! Your curves make that garment 20 times more attractive than it ever was.

I wanted to take a moment to tell you this because I can't tell you how many women, particularly thicker women, feel that they can only wear leggings because that's the only bottoms that will fit them. So I wanted to dedicate this post to my plus-size goddesses. You CAN wear jeans, dress slacks and trousers that we will hug you in all the right place, all from one website.

SlimSation is an online retailer that specializes in pants that are comfortable (like leggings comfortable) and figure flattering. The pants size ranges from 2 to 24 and from a Small to a 3X. So, ladies, they got you covered! They have jeans, capris, skirts, shorts, and leggings (if you insist) with all kinds of colors and patterns. My model, Corrinna, is wearing  their  Patch Print Ankle Pants  in a size 16.  When I told her about the shoot, she was convinced that she would not fit the pants because they are not leggings. She didn't even see the pants yet! I had to convince her to try it on and when she put them on she was shocked. She said they were so comfortable and , as you can see, she felt really confident in them.

I hope this really inspires my thick girls to be confident with their bodies.  You guys are simply stunning. SlimSation's pants will take you style and your body to a whole another level. Now go show the world your Thick Girl Pride!

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