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Songa Designs: Socially Conscious Accessories

Friday, April 15, 2016 Kali

Two of the most pressing issues in the fashion industry are its effects on workers and the environment. Most companies will outsource their production in low-waged countries, disregarding the economic distress that creates. Numerous fashion brands create their product without any concern of their environmental footprint. As a conscious consumer, I look for companies that share my values: social responsibility, human rights, women empowerment and minimizing environmental impact. I am more likely to put my dollars into an organization that positively impacts the world.

Handcrafted Fashion Accessories

Songa Designs International, a socially conscious fashion accessories brand, employs over 150 under-resourced women in Rwanda to empower and encourage them to be economically independent. It is typical for women in developing countries to depend solely on their husbands’ income, but Songa is changing this dynamic. Rwandan women are able to utilize their cultural traditions by crafting stylish, high quality accessories inspired by nature.

Each piece is handcrafted by one of Songa Designs International artisans. These eco-friendly necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and belts are made with local Rwandan natural materials including banana leaf, sisal plant, upcycled fabric, recycled paper, and re-purposed cow horn that otherwise would have ended up in landfills.

The beauty of brands like this is the story and creativity of the artisan who created it. All of the accessories can be customized with different colors or materials, making them the perfect statement piece for women who want to align their wardrobe with their values. Songa Designs’ ability to combine eco-friendly materials, a positive global impact, and on-trend styles proves that sustainable and ethical fashion is possible and profound. 

For more information on Songa Designs International, visit Become a fan on Facebook @SongaDesignsInternational, Twitter @SongaDesigns, and Instagram @Songadesigns.

Oh and P.S. look at how adorable the envelope my necklace came in is!

Photographed by Sam Meinders of Phase

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